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JR Pass is a must to visit charming Japan. JR Central will help you enjoy a seamless travel experience most cost-effectively. JR Pass provides unlimited rides, allowing you to plan your itinerary freely and travel between popular attractions without time constraints.

Whether you want to start from Nagoya and go all the way north to Kanazawa, or go directly from Tokyo to Karuizawa, JR Pass is your ideal choice. It not only saves the cost of purchasing separate tickets, but also allows you to experience every inch of Tokai and Hokuriku as you wish.

Trip.com summarized a JR Central guide, including practical information such as ticket purchase, route suggestions, and travel tips. Order a JR Pass to enjoy exclusive discounts and start your journey to Tokai and Hokuriku now!

Types of JR Central

TypeScopePricing (Adult)Pricing (Child)
Hokuriku Area PassThe pass is valid for unlimited travel in the valid area on the map below.US$46.97US$23.49

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Scope of JR Central

JR Central: Hokuriku Area Pass

Hokuriku Area Pass is valid for unlimited travel in the valid area on the map.

JR Central: Hokuriku Area Pass

Lines available by the Hokuriku Area Pass

  • Non-reserved seats on Bullet Train "HOKURIKU SHINKANSEN" (Kanazawa⇔Kurobe-Unazukionsen).
  • Non-reserved seats on Express Trains 'THUNDERBIRD' etc.
  • Rapid Services, and Local trains on JR-WEST Conventional lines.
  • West Japan JR Bus is only valid for route buses within the area.

Eligibility for using JR Central

The JR Pass is only applicable to the following groups, and each pass allows for free travel with two infants (1-5 years old):

  • Non-Japanese tourists visiting Japan.
  • Those with short-term stay visas indicated on their passports (tourist visas, business visas, multiple-entry tourist visas valid for three years, etc.).


  • Long-term visas (student visas, work visas, etc.) cannot be used to purchase the pass.
  • The same passenger is not allowed to purchase or exchange multiple tickets of the same type during the same period.

Exchange method of JR Central

TypeExchange Method
Hokuriku Area Pass[Instant ticketing] Electronic tickets can be issued immediately. Physical coupons can be exchanged at the green ticket vending machine. Please check the details on the product page.

Ticket inspection for JR Central

Prepare your JR Central Pass

Before entering the station, please have your JR Pass ready to present to the station staff.

Go to the manual ticket inspection gate/use the automatic ticket gate

Some JR Passes require manual ticket inspection at the station entrance. For some JR Passes, you can use the automatic ticket gate to put the ticket in and enter the station directly. Please confirm with station staff in advance.

Present your JR Central Pass

Present your JR Pass to the station staff. If this is your first time, be sure to show the cover of your pass so station staff can see the details on the inside pages.

Stamp to confirm start date

If your pass is used for the first time, station staff will stamp the date on the back of the pass. This date stamp marks the beginning of the consecutive period of use of your pass (usually 5 days). From this day on, you will be able to use designated trains and routes by JR Central for unlimited times the following consecutive days. If you use the automatic ticket gate to enter the station, your ticket will be automatically printed with the date of entry.

Pass the ticket gate

After the station staff verifies your JR Pass, you will be allowed to pass the ticket gate. This process will need to be repeated each time you enter or exit the station.

Popular cities around JR Central routes


Nagoya is the fourth largest city in Japan and the economic center of the Chubu region. There are many historical sites such as Nagoya Castle and Atsuta Shrine, as well as modern shopping areas and food streets. Nagoya’s food culture is also very unique, such as Nagoya fried chicken wings and miso udon noddles.

JR Central popular cities: Nagoya


Shizuoka is a beautiful coastal city in Japan and one of the best places to view Mount Fuji. The green tea and sushi here are very famous, and Shizuoka's hot springs are also very popular among tourists.

JR Central popular cities: Shizuoka


Kanazawa is an ancient city in the Hokuriku region with a rich history and cultural heritage. Kenroku-en Garden here is one of Japan's three most famous gardens, and Kanazawa's traditional handicrafts such as Kinpaku and Kaga Yuzen are also very famous.

JR Central popular cities: Kanazawa


Toyama is a beautiful coastal city in Japan. The natural scenery here is very magnificent. The sunrise and sunset views of Toyama Bay are very beautiful, and the seafood here is also very fresh and delicious.

JR Central popular cities: Toyama


Fukui is a peaceful small town in Japan. The dinosaur museum here is the largest dinosaur museum in Japan and is the best place for children to visit. Fukui is also famous for its crabs and eels.

JR Central popular cities: Fukui


Gifu is a city with a long history in Japan. Gifujo and Yanagawa's Ukai are very distinctive. Gifu also has various cuisines, such as Gifu beef and miso.

JR Central popular cities: Gifu
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