Best Saudi Arabia eSIM from $8.25, Complete eSIM Guide for Tourists

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Worried about internet connectivity for your next journey to Saudi? Worry no more! The answer lies in using an eSIM to keep your smartphone connected throughout your stay. 🌟 This article will walk you through top eSIM options for Saudi Arabia, explaining the advantages and any possible limitations clearly. Stick around to discover how you can stay effortlessly online during your travels in Saudi!

Recommended eSIM Plans in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia eSIM 5 Days
  • COUNTRYSaudi Arabia
  • DATA500MB/Day
  • VALIDITY5 Days
  • PRICEUS$8.25
Saudi Arabia eSIM 5 Days
  • COUNTRYSaudi Arabia
  • DATA2GB/Day
  • PRICEUS$18.55
Saudi Arabia eSIM 7 Days
  • COUNTRYSaudi Arabia
  • DATA2GB/Day
  • VALIDITY7 Days
  • PRICEUS$25.78

What's an eSIM? How does eSIM vary from a SIM card and Wi-Fi router?

Introduction to eSIM

An eSIM, or Embedded SIM, represents a digital SIM card solution integrated within devices, eliminating the traditional need for physical SIM cards that are manually inserted into phones. With an eSIM, activating a mobile plan becomes a hassle-free process, requiring only the download of an eSIM profile directly to your smartphone.

This digital approach simplifies connectivity, allowing for seamless transitions between different carriers or plans without physical alterations to your device. The convenience of eSIM technology extends beyond borders, facilitating easy internet access in Saudi Arabia and internationally through the simple management of SIM profiles on your device.

Understanding Connectivity Options: eSIM vs. SIM vs. WiFi Router

Are you seeking the most efficient method to maintain connectivity during your travels? Let's delve into the differences between eSIMs, traditional SIM cards, and Wi-Fi routers. This comparison aims to clarify which connectivity solution best matches your travel requirements, highlighting their ease of operation, advantages, and important factors to consider.

Here’s a table that offers a concise comparison of these three connectivity methods for your journey.

FeatureeSIMSIMWiFi Router
Ease of UseNo physical handling requiredRequires physical insertionNeeds regular charging
PortabilitydigitalAttached to smartphoneMust be carried for connectivity
BenefitsRisk of loss/damage eliminated, No physical handover neededWide variety of plan optionsShareable among multiple users
ConsiderationsLimited to compatible smartphones, Activation needed prior to useRequires an unlocked smartphone, Risk of losing the SIMRequires charging, Additional device to carry, Pickup/delivery can be inconvenient
  • eSIM stands out as the top pick for many travelers thanks to its hassle-free nature, absence of any physical components, and straightforward setup in compatible devices. It's particularly convenient for those looking to switch plans or carriers effortlessly while on the move.
  • Physical SIM cards, on the other hand, cater to individuals with devices that do not support eSIM technology or who lean towards more conventional connectivity options. They provide access to a diverse array of plans to suit different needs.
  • Wi-Fi routers prove ideal for groups or families who require shared internet access, or in scenarios where neither eSIM nor traditional SIM cards are practical options.
In essence, the decision to use an eSIM, a physical SIM card, or a Wi-Fi router is influenced by factors such as the compatibility of your device, personal preference, and unique connectivity requirements. Tops as the Best eSIM for Saudi Arabia: Here's Why

Varied eSIM Plans with GOOD Price calculate and highlight in the table: the plans offering the most data per dollar a day. Check Cheap eSIM below!!
Duration (Days)Data per DayPrice (US$)Data per $/Day

【Most Economical Options】

  • 2GB for 7 Days at $25.78 - Offers the highest data per dollar per day ratio among the plans, making it the most cost-effective for those seeking the best value over a week.
  • 2GB for 10 Days at $36.77 - This plan offers a slightly lower data per dollar per day ratio than the 7-day plan but is still highly economical for those needing longer coverage.
  • 2GB for 5 Days at $18.55 - While offering a shorter duration, this plan provides a good balance of data volume and cost efficiency for shorter trips.

24/7 Customer Support for Saudi Arabia eSIM

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How to Use Saudi Arabia eSIM

eSIM Installation Guide

This guide outlines the steps to install an eSIM on iPhones, using a typical example. Note that instructions may vary slightly based on your iOS version and device model. After purchasing your eSIM, you'll receive an email titled "eSIM Information and Quick Start Guide," which includes installation instructions and a reminder of the last installation time.
StepInstruction(take iPhone for instance)
1QR Code Scanning: Avoid using your camera or other apps to scan the QR code. It must be done through the phone settings.
2Network Requirement: Ensure you have an available WiFi or mobile data connection before starting the installation.
3Add eSIM: Navigate to Settings > Cellular Data > Add a Cellular Network Plan.
4Scan QR Code: Scan the provided QR code or manually enter the SM-DP+ Address and Activation Code. If prompted with "Welcome to Billion Connect!", click "OK" to finish installation.
5Disable eSIM Temporarily: It's advised to disable the eSIM until you reach your destination.
6Rename for Convenience: Change the "Cellular data" label to "BC" for easy recognition.
7Enable Upon Arrival: Once at your destination, activate your eSIM "BC" and turn on "Data Roaming" to use the internet.
8APN Check: If unable to connect to the internet, verify the APN settings for BC eSIM (APN setting path: Cellular plan > Cellular Data Network). APN: cmhk.
9In Case of Issues: Should you face activation issues, contact Customer Service without deleting the eSIM. Note: An eSIM can only be installed once per device. Removal means it cannot be re-added and would necessitate a new purchase.
Follow these steps to ensure a smooth eSIM installation and activation process, keeping in mind the unique aspects and precautions associated with eSIM.

eSIM Details

Here's a table summarizing the key details of the eSIM devices, designed for easy understanding and quick reference:
Hot Spot SharingAvailable
OperatorKuwait/K.S.C Ooredoo, Saudi Arabia/Mobily, Oman/ooredoo, Qatar/ooredoo
Applicable AreasKuwait, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar
ValidityExpires within 90 days from purchase date
UsageData Only (Google Maps, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LINE usable)
Installation LimitCan be installed only once per device; non-reusable after removal
Device CompatibilityEnsure device supports eSIM prior to purchase; no refunds for incompatibility

eSIM Supported Device List

Note:* To use an eSIM, your device must be carrier-unlocked and eSIM-compatible. * Please make sure your mobile phone support eSIM before purchase, and there is no refund for cancellations due to incompatible devices. * To check whether the mobile phone supports the eSIM function, you can dial * #06#. If EID is displayed, it generally means that eSIM is supported.

(Depending on the OS and manufacturer, even if EID meets the requirements, it may not be available due to the specifications of the device. )

Pros of Using an eSIM in Saudi Arab

Instant eSIM Connectivity Upon Arrival

You can stepp off the plane in Saudi Arabia and being immediately connected. That's the convenience of an eSIM. No need to search for a SIM card vendor or wait for activation. Your connection is ready as soon as your phone is on, allowing you to quickly find your way, arrange transportation, or touch base with family and friends. Your arrival is as seamless as the desert sands, thanks to eSIM technology.

Eliminate the Risk of SIM Loss or Damage

The familiar panic of dropping a tiny SIM card and losing it forever is a thing of the past. Switching SIMs in a new country adds another layer of risk. However, an eSIM eliminates these concerns entirely. It's a digital solution, meaning there's no physical SIM to lose or damage. Enjoy the security of knowing your connection is intact, giving you one less thing to worry about on your travels.

The Convenience of Dual SIM

The advent of eSIM technology brings the luxury of having two numbers on a single device, simplifying your digital life. Traveling to Saudi Arabia doesn't mean you have to disconnect from your home number. An eSIM allows you to maintain your usual number while effortlessly connecting to local networks. Forget about swapping SIM cards or missing crucial calls from home. Choosing an eSIM for your journey through Saudi Arabia simplifies your tech needs and lets you concentrate on immersing yourself in the local culture and landscapes, rather than fussing over SIM cards.

Cons of Using an eSIM in Saudi Arabia

eSIM Carrier Compatibility Constraints

eSIM technology, while growing, hasn't reached universal adoption. Consequently, not every carrier offers eSIM support, which may restrict your options.

eSIM Device Compatibility Requirements

Utilizing an eSIM necessitates having a device that supports this technology. Beware that some older models and specific devices lack eSIM compatibility.

eSIM Challenges with Offline Use

Given that eSIM is a digital solution, its functionality is hindered when your device is not powered, such as during a battery outage. This contrasts with traditional SIM cards that don't rely on the device's power to maintain service availability.

FAQs about Saudi Arabia eSIM

  • Can you get an eSIM in Saudi Arabia?

    Yes, eSIMs are available in Saudi Arabia through various providers, including, which offers a selection of eSIM plans suitable for the region.
  • How can I activate eSIM in Saudi?

    To activate your eSIM in Saudi Arabia, simply purchase a plan from a provider like, and you'll receive a QR code with installation instructions. Make sure your device is internet-connected, then head to your device's settings to add the eSIM by scanning the QR code. Follow the prompts to complete the setup, and you'll be ready to use your eSIM in Saudi Arabia.
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