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Exploring Japan's Hokkaido region has never been easier or more affordable with JR Hokkaido. JR PASS is designed for tourists and allows unlimited travel on JR Hokkaido trains, including Shinkansen, limited express, express trains, and local trains.

Whether you're planning to see the cityscape of Sapporo, explore the natural beauty of Furano, or experience the historical charm of Otaru, the JR Hokkaido is your ultimate travel method. With this pass, you can freely plan your travel without worrying about transportation costs. Discover and obtain your JR Hokkaido today and embark on your Hokkaido journey!

Types of JR Hokkaido

TypeScopePricing (Adult)Pricing (Child)
JR Hokkaido Rail PassDuring the validity period, you can freely ride on all trains on the JR Hokkaido Line (excluding the Hokkaido Shinkansen).US$150.43/
JR Tohoku-South Hokkaido Rail PassJR Hokkaido Line (Hokkaido Area), JR East Line (Tohoku area) (including BRT), All Ao no Mori Railway lines, The entire Sendai Airport Railway Line, etc.US$201.04US$100.50

JR Hokkaido promotion

JR Hokkaido Rail Pass
JR Hokkaido Rail Pass
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JR Tohoku-South Hokkaido Rail Pass
JR Tohoku-South Hokkaido Rail Pass
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Scope of JR Hokkaido

JR Hokkaido: JR Hokkaido Rail Pass

Lines available by the JR Hokkaido Rail Pass

During the validity period, you can freely ride on all trains on the JR Hokkaido Line (excluding the Hokkaido Shinkansen).

  • Reserved seats and non-reserved seats in ordinary cars of limited express trains on the JR Hokkaido Line
  • Reserved seats and non-reserved seats on special express and rapid trains on the JR Hokkaido Line
  • Ordinary trains on the JR Hokkaido Line
  • Reserved seats and non-reserved seats on temporary trains (limited express, rapid, and local) on the JR Hokkaido Line (※ You need to purchase a reserved seat ticket separately for the SL Fuyushigen train.)
  • You can ride on some JR Hokkaido bus routes.

JR Hokkaido: JR Tohoku-South Hokkaido Rail Pass

The JR Tohoku-South Hokkaido Rail Pass not only allows you to travel from Sendai Airport to Sendai City, or from New Chitose Airport to Sapporo, making transportation between the airports very convenient, it also allows you to travel between Sapporo and Hakodate or to travel to Aomori and Sendai. You can ride on main lines and limited express trains as many times as you like, making it a very value-for-money rail pass.

Lines available by the JR Tohoku-South Hokkaido Rail Pass

Within the free area, you can ride unlimited free reserved seats in the ordinary cars of limited express (including Shinkansen), express trains, and local trains (including rapid trains) of the following companies.

  • JR EAST (including BRT*)
  • JR Hokkaido Lines (Hakodate, Sapporo, Otaru area)
  • All Aoimori Railway Line
  • The entire Iwate Galaxy Railway (IGR) Line
  • The entire Sendai Airport Transit Line
JR Hokkaido Map

Eligibility for using JR Hokkaido

  • Foreign tourists who enter Japan as "short-term tourists" (short-term stay) and visit Japan from abroad.
  • "Short-term stay" refers to the status of stay in Japan issued in accordance with the provisions of the Japanese Immigration Control Law. Not applicable to Japanese nationals.

Exchange method of JR Hokkaido

TypeExchange Method
JR Hokkaido Rail PassAfter the purchase is completed, the company will provide a QR code for ticket redemption.
JR Tohoku-South Hokkaido Rail PassBefore use, you need to bring your passport and this redemption voucher to the designated redemption point to redeem the JR Tohoku-South Hokkaido Rail Pass. When traveling by train, you need to carry your passport with you for ticket inspection.

- East Japan Region: Travel Service Center (View Plaza) (Fukushima Station, Sendai Station, Yamagata Station, Morioka Station, Hachinohe Station, Shin-Aomori Station, Akita Station, Narita Airport 1st, 2nd and 3rd terminals building, Haneda Airport International Terminal), Sendai Airport Railway Sendai Airport Station "JR Hokkaido Redemption Window").

- Hokkaido area: JR Foreign Passenger Information Center (Sapporo Station, New Chitose Airport Station), JR Ticket Office (Shin Hakodate-Hokuto Station, Noboribetsu Station), JR Travel Center (Twinkle Plaza) (Sapporo Station, Hakodate Station).

Ticket inspection for JR Hokkaido

1. Prepare your JR Hokkaido

Before entering the station, please have your JR PASS ready to quickly present to the station staff.

2. Go to the manual ticket inspection gate/use the automatic ticket gate

Some JR Passes require manual ticket inspection at the station entrance. For some JR Passes, you can use the automatic ticket gate to put the ticket in and enter the station directly. Please confirm with station staff in advance.

3. Present your JR Hokkaido

Present your JR PASS to the station staff. If this is your first time, be sure to show the cover of your pass so station staff can see the details on the inside pages.

4. Stamp to confirm start date

If your pass is used for the first time, station staff will stamp the date on the back of the pass. This date stamp marks the beginning of the consecutive period of use of your pass (usually 5 days). From this day on, you will be able to use designated trains and routes by JR Hokkaido for unlimited times the following consecutive days. If you use the automatic ticket gate to enter the station, your ticket will be automatically printed with the date of entry.

5. Pass the ticket gate

After the station staff verifies your JR PASS, you will be allowed to pass the ticket gate. This process will need to be repeated each time you enter or exit the station.

Popular cities around JR Hokkaido routes


Sapporo, the capital and largest city of Hokkaido, boasts a rich culinary scene such as ramen and sushi. It hosts a large snow festival annually, drawing numerous visitors. Sapporo's nights are simply enchanting, with the illuminated Odori Park and TV Tower captivating visitors.

JR Hokkaido popular cities: Sapporo


Otaru is a romantic seaside town in Hokkaido, renowned for its beautiful canal and historic buildings. Here, you can stroll along the canal, admiring the old warehouses and picturesque night views, or find a unique souvenir at the Music Box Museum.

JR Hokkaido popular cities: Otaru


Hakodate, a southern city in Hokkaido, is world-renowned for its night views. From the observation deck of Mount Hakodate, you can enjoy panoramic views of the city and the Tsugaru Strait. Additionally, Hakodate's morning market offers fresh seafood and various delicacies.

JR Hokkaido popular cities: Hakodate


Furano is an agricultural area in Hokkaido, renowned for its picturesque landscapes that change with the seasons. From the flower fields in summer to the autumn foliage and winter skiing, each season offers its own enchanting beauty. Furano is also famous as the filming location for the popular television drama "Kita no Kuni Kara," attracting numerous fans.

JR Hokkaido popular cities: Furano


Noboribetsu is a hot spring city in Hokkaido, home to Japan's largest Hell Valley, where visitors can witness the fascinating geothermal activity up close. The hot springs in Noboribetsu are a major attraction, offering a deeply relaxing experience as you soak in the warm waters and admire the surrounding natural scenery.

JR Hokkaido popular cities: Noboribetsu
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