Art in Paradise Pattaya – A Gallery with a Difference!

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Terrifyingly real – and really terrifying – scenes at Art in Paradise Pattaya!

Forget the stuffy, formal atmosphere of the usual art gallery. People wandering around in silence, no interaction, and not a lot of fun! Art in Paradise Pattaya turns the traditional art gallery experience upside down!

It’s Thailand’s first optical illusion art gallery, as well as being the first 3D art gallery in the country, and also the largest in the world. Keep reading to get all the details you need about Art in Paradise Pattaya from!

What you can expect at Art in Paradise Pattaya are a series of different zones, each containing a range of two-dimensional hand-painted images projected onto 3-dimensional surfaces. It’s a process that brings each painting to life in weird and wonderful ways.

Here are paintings you don’t have to treat with care – in fact, you’re positively encouraged to step inside, explore every inch of these beautiful illusions, and of course, strike a pose for a photo or 3!

You’ll find ancient ruins from around the world coming to life – springing out of the wall at incredible angles, and immersing you in a wholly realistic and yet completely surreal experience. Feel free to touch, climb, and pose on anything and everything you see…

You’ll find Western masterpieces like those of Van Gogh, each with their own unique twist. You can feel immersed and have your photo taken in one of the Dutch master’s unforgettable post-impressionist landscapes.

Nature lovers will find forests filled with the most exotic and beautiful animals to explore, and architecture fans will be able to set sail through the romantic canals of Venice. There are 5 zones in all – get there early to see them all!

On top of all this, there’s something very special about Art in Paradise Pattaya – something that will make your visit here an unforgettable one. You’ll have to keep reading to find out what it is!

Out of the Ice Age and into the Jurassic at Art in Paradise Pattaya!

Art in Paradise Ticket Price

You’ll see from the images just how fun Art in Paradise Pattaya can be. It’s not just for kids – adults will find themselves getting sucked in as well! And you can count on the friendly and helpful staff to show you around and show you the ropes any time you need.

A trip to Art in Paradise Pattaya won’t break the bank, either – especially if you book through! Click here to get booking right away.

With, you’ll find the Art in Paradise Pattaya ticket price is US$4.44 for Thai citizens, and US$5.22 for non-Thai citizens. This is a great price for a day trip that will keep the whole group occupied and entertained for hours!

Art in Paradise ticket price doesn’t change, either – unlike many other attractions, it isn’t hiked up on weekends or holidays. Tickets only include admission – you can cancel for free at or before 16:00 on the day before admission. If you cancel after that, the cancellation fee will be 100%. Plan carefully!

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This sleek, modern gallery hold some serious surprises!

Art in Paradise Pattaya Basic Information

You’ll find Art in Paradise Pattaya on Pattaya Sai 2 Road in northern Pattaya. That places it around 120 km from Bangkok, which you can drive in about 1 hr 30 mins. The full address is 78/34 Pattaya Sai 2 Rd. Muang Pattaya, Nongprue subdistrict, Bang Lamung district, Chon Buri 20150.

Without a car, you can get there by bus from Bangkok by boarding the bus to Pattaya, at Bus Terminal Ekkamai. Once you’ve arrived in Pattaya, you’ll find it easiest to take a taxi or use a local pickup to get to the gallery.

In a car, you should take the Bangkok-Chon Buri New Line east out of Bangkok. Follow it onto the Chon Buri-Pattaya Highway, before taking a right onto Sukhumvit Road and a left onto North Pattaya Road. After that, a left onto Phettrakul and a right onto Pattayasaisong Alley will take you to Art in Paradise Pattaya.

Art in Paradise Pattaya is open every day except Tuesday, between 09:00 and 20:00. Last entry is at 19:00. Get there early, especially if you’re seeking to get a lot of great pictures – Instagrammers will be in their element! Keep reading to find out some of the highlights – and check out our own selection of great pictures at Art in Paradise Pattaya.

Play Tom and Jerry at Art in Paradise Pattaya!

There are some great attractions in the vicinity of the gallery, too. You can make it a jam-packed day out by combining a visit to Art in Paradise with any number of the following nearby spots!

Take a relaxing walk along Pattaya Beach, which is no more than 5 mins from the gallery. Sip a cold drink, enjoy some light food, and take in the great weather and scenery.

Also just around the corner – and a great place to visit if you’re out with younger kids – is Pattaya’s huge Teddy Bear Museum. Expect even more photos to be taken – this time posing with some very cute and cuddly bears! There are multiple zones in this expansive museum, including Dinosaurs, Fairies, and Underwater, to name just a few…

Then, if you’re in the mood for some dance, song, and entertainment, you have some great cabaret and variety performances on offer in the area too. Tiffany’s Show is a few minutes from Art in Paradise Pattaya, and is Thailand’s biggest and most popular beauty pageant.

If you’ve already seen Tiffany’s, then take a look at the other great cabaret show in the locality – Alcazar Cabaret Show. Beautiful costumes, great humor, spectacular performances, and music that spans the ages – Alcazar is always a treat!

Thailand's greatest interactive art gallery provides hours of entertainment for the whole family...

Art in Paradise Pattaya Highlights

One of the great highlights of Art in Paradise Pattaya is simply its size! You can spend hours here traversing the various exciting zones they have – you’ll find out more about those below. Be ready to snap some really eye-catching pics for social media – if you want to get some great reactions on Instagram, Art in Paradise Pattaya is certainly the place to be.

Friends and family will wonder, were you really on a gondola in Venice? Where did you find that beautiful forest for an adventure? And how did you actually get to meet Einstein?

You’ll find all of these impressive and artistic backdrops at Art in Paradise Pattaya. One of the great zones you can enjoy is Aqua and Safari, where you can make believe you’re surfing on some of the biggest waves the world has ever seen. Swim underwater with the monstrous creatures of the ocean, then take a safari with giraffes, lions, zebras, and more… The optical illusions make it seem that these animals are truly coming to life, and coming out of the paintings!

Fooling around with the optical illusions at Art in Paradise Pattaya

After that, you can take a trip through the Classic Art zone, where Van Gogh’s masterpieces will swirl and swarm around you in a riot of colors. Paintings like Sunflowers and Starry Night will never have seemed more real. The clever tricks of the painting, making 2 dimensional artworks appear like 3 dimensions, will amaze you and your friends and family.

This is why Art in Paradise Pattaya really stands out as unique among art galleries. Can you imagine taking little kids to a traditional and formal gallery? It rarely goes down well. But here, you can stimulate a deep interest in the works of the classic and modern masters by letting your little ones see these masterpieces come to life around them.

They’ll leave Art in Paradise Pattaya with unforgettable memories of their time getting genuinely up-close and personal with these famous works of art. And no-one will tell them off for touching, climbing, posing, and playing around. Of course, that takes the pressure off you, too!

All the way through Art in Paradise Pattaya, you’ll be directed to the very best spots to appreciate the genius behind the optical illusions. They also happen to be the best spot for pictures! That’ll surely help you out in the Nature zone, where you’ll have the chance to get vacation snaps you won’t find anywhere else.

On top of all this, as we mentioned above, there’s something particularly special about Art in Paradise Pattaya. What exactly is it? Well, as you go in, after getting your admission ticket through, you’ll be asked to download a unique app for the experience. (There’s WiFi available throughout the complex.)

What does this app do? It turns these already lifelike scenes into moving, truly 3-dimensional experiences that can all be caught on video for sharing with others. This is really the icing on the cake of a visit to Art in Paradise Pattaya – augmented reality technology that will fully immerse you in all the gallery has to offer. It’s a really futuristic experience.

Ingenious optical illusions will fool your friends you were surfing some serious waves!

Find Something Unique in Pattaya…

Pattaya of course is famous for its food, beaches and nightlife. But if you’ve exhausted all of those great options and feel like something a little different, then look no further than Art in Paradise Pattaya.

It’s great family fun, or for groups of friends – the fun is ten times more when you have someone to take pictures of you!

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Well, if you are asking for more, then consider a stay at the Amari Pattaya. This 5-star beachfront resort is great for families and – of course – for beach lovers too.

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The sparkling views are enhanced by floor to ceiling windows throughout the resort. Rooms at the Amari start at US$134 per night. If you’ve tired the kids out with a visit to Art in Paradise Pattaya – and possibly even a trip to the Teddy Museum on top of that! – This is where you’ll be looking forward to returning to.

So take the plunge – book your tickets to Art in Paradise Pattaya, and see a side of the city few people know exist…

With augmented reality, undersea scenes like this will come to life.


  • What’s the best way to see Art in Paradise Pattaya?

    Make sure to bring a group of family or friends, and definitely get the augmented reality app to unlock the full experience of Art in Paradise Pattaya. Book now with!

  • How do you get to Art in Paradise Pattaya?

    From Pattaya, take a taxi or car to 78/34 Pattaya Sai 2 Rd, and you’ll be at your destination. Book now with!

  • How much are tickets to Art in Paradise Pattaya?

    Art in Paradise Pattaya ticket price is US$4.44 for Thai citizens and US$5.22 for non-Thai. Book now with!

  • How many zones are at Art in Paradise Pattaya?

    There are 5 zones in Art in Paradise Pattaya – Aqua and Safari, Fantasy, Nature, Classic Art, and Modern Art. Book now with!

  • When is Art in Paradise Pattaya open?UESTION5

    Art in Paradise Pattaya is open every day except for Tuesday. Opening hours are from 09:00 to 20:00, with last entry at 19:00. Book at!

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