6 Best Breakfast in NYC to Start a Day 2024

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Start your Day Right: The Best Breakfast in NYC

New York is a busy, vibrant city and your days here are bound to be action-packed as you navigate visiting some of the most iconic and historically significant attractions. An incredible mixing pot of people and cultures, this is apparent through the incredible range of cuisines on offer. As you wander the streets, your senses will be awakened to the incredible sights and smells of the food scene in New York. Start your day right and make sure you eat the best breakfast in NYC.

1. Best Breakfast in NYC: Balthazar, SoHo

Balthazar coffee

Leave New York behind and travel to the sophistication of chic Paris cafes when you dine at Balthazar, if you're searching for the best breakfast in NYC, Balthazar is definitely a potential candidate. Established by London born Keith McNally, the man the New York Times referred to as "the Restauranter Who Invented Downtown", Balthazar will deliver one of the best breakfasts in NYC. With a menu offering French specialties such as eggs Florentine, pain au chocolat and apple galette, you'll be hard pressed to find a more authentic taste of France short of hopping on a plane. If you're looking for a little luxury, you can opt to order from "le bar a huîtres" (the oyster bar) and pair them with an oyster Mary for the best breakfast in NYC.

2. Best Breakfast in NYC: Dominique Ansel Bakery, SoHo

Dominique Ansel Bakery breakfast

If you've got a sweet tooth, head to the Dominique Ansel Bakery for the best breakfast in NYC. Home of the original cronut (a delicious cross between a croissant and a donut), Dominique Ansel's creations don't stop there. Coined the "Willy Wonka of New York" by the New York Post, Ansel has continued to create pastries straight out of a child's imagination: cookie shots, frozen s'mores, blossoming hot chocolate and so many more. You can see why the Business Insider featured him in their "Most Innovative People Under 40" list. Incredibly popular, the Dominique Ansel Bakery doesn't take bookings so make sure you get down early and be prepared to wait for one of the best breakfasts in NYC.

3. Best Breakfast in NYC: Liberty Bagels, Midtown

Experience the true New York delicacy of a coffee and a bagel at Liberty Bagels. Here, the attention to detail, Instagram aesthetic, and delicious flavors make this one of the best breakfasts in NYC. All the bagels are boiled in slightly salted water, the traditional New York method, but the iconic rainbow colors make this one particularly distinctive. Enjoy with a healthy serving of cream cheese with your bagel for one of the best breakfasts in NYC.

4. Best Breakfast in NYC: Buttermilk Channel, Brooklyn

Pancakes are the reason Buttermilk Chanel is one of the best breakfasts in NYC. Their signature ingredient of, you guessed it, buttermilk gives these pancakes a little bit more of a savory taste and cuts through some of the sweetness. The perfect place for brunch, less is definitely more in terms of toppings for these pancakes. With Beyoncé having frequented Buttermilk Channel previously, you never know who you might bump into.

5. Best Breakfast in NYC: Russ & Daughters, Brooklyn

Russ & Daughters is a culinary and cultural icon with the landmark store being in the same spot for 106 years, passed down four generations of the same family. Home of bagels and lox, Russ & Daughters is undoubtedly one of the best breakfasts in NYC. Celebrating delicious Jewish cuisine, Russ & Daughters styles themselves as an appetizing store (not a deli!) and specialize in smoked fish dishes.

6. Best Breakfast in NYC: Jacob's Pickles, Upper West Side

Jacob's Pickles' sweet and savory take on chicken and waffles which features buttermilk fried chicken and bacon on top of a stack of warm pancakes makes this one of the best breakfasts in NYC. A family-owned restaurant based around community and warmth; you'll feel right at home here. Make sure you save space for some pickles – they truly are something special.

New York is a busy and frantic city where everyone is on a mission. In such a frenetic atmosphere, it can be easy skip breakfast and prioritize sightseeing. Doing this would be denying yourself some of New York's most delicious foods. Don't miss out on the best breakfast in NYC (and possibly the world!)

FAQs about Best Breakfast in NYC

  • Where do celebrities eat the best breakfast in NYC?

    With some of the best breakfasts available, it may be easier to bump into a celebrity than you think. Try the Egg Shop, Balthazar, Buvette, and Blue Dog Kitchen for the opportunity to rub shoulders with a celebrity and enjoy one of the best breakfasts in NYC.

  • What is a typical breakfast in New York?

    In such a cosmopolitan city, it can be hard to define the best breakfast in NYC. Check out a diner for more traditional options of egg sandwiches and juice, treat yourself to a pancake stack, or pick up an iconic bagel. By following our recommendations, you're guaranteed to sample some of the best breakfasts in NYC.

  • What is the most exclusive restaurant in NYC?

    Perhaps unsurprisingly, New York is home to some of the most exclusive and exquisite restaurants in the world, this makes finding some of the best breakfast in NYC to be less of a challenge. Eleven Madison Park encapsulates high end dining with its delicious menu and prestigious location, located within the Art Deco Metropolitan Life North Building and overlooking Madison Square Gardens. The Chef's Table is another incredibly exclusive restaurant. With just 18 seats, you'll see three-star Michelin food made right in front of your eyes making it one of the best dining experiences in the world.

  • What is the most famous restaurant in NYC?

    In a city full of icons, there are a number of famous restaurants in NYC. Katz's Delicatessen offers unrivalled Jewish cuisine and boasts a number of famous patrons while Lombardi's was the first ever pizzeria in the United States, making it a pretty special place. Keen's steakhouse is also well worth a visit for its gorgeous cuts of meat. Plus, former President Teddy Roosevelt, used to dine with them regularly.

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