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Can't Miss Attractions in Nanning

Qingxiu Mountain
8,608 Reviews
7.8km from downtown
"The environment is very good, it is worthy of being the green lung of Nanning, natural oxygen bar. The introduction said that there are 4.61 million plants in the park, and the greening rate reached 98%. In the morning, many elderly people gather here to exercise, walking in the woods basically can't meet anyone, and slowly began to increase at noon. Fortunately, the garden is large, not crowded or noisy. It is not until 8 am to enter the West Gate, all the way to stop, just at 12 noon to go shopping in the West District North District, and then take a sightseeing car back to the West Gate. Next time I have the opportunity to visit the East District again, and feel the various performances at night."
Reasons to Recommend: Qingxiu Mountain is one of the famous scenic spots in Nanning and is located on the banks of the Yongjiang River. Qingxiu Mountain has more than a dozen foothills such as Qingshan and Fenghuangling. Here, you can visit the Longxiang Pagoda, look out over the landscapes. Or you can stroll through the park and admire different kinds of flowers. In springtime, this is a great place to enjoy flowers blooming, especially peach blossoms on Peach Blossom Island.
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Fangte Dongmeng Shenhua
7,023 Reviews
11km from downtown
Theme Parks
"Very good, very good, come back next time, bring friends together the roller coaster is very fun, I like it very much, very good! ! Come back next time! Awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome,"
Reasons to Recommend: Nanning Fangte ASEAN God Painting is another new large-scale high-tech theme park created by Shenzhen Huaqiang Fantawild Culture and Technology Group after Fantawild World, Fantawild Dream Kingdom, Fantawild Water Park and Fantawild Oriental God Painting. At present, it is the only theme park that displays the cultures of the ten ASEAN countries. The park uses new technological means, using laser multimedia, three-dimensional special effects, miniature real scenes, reality shows and other performance techniques to present the essence of the history and civilization of the ten ASEAN countries in front of tourists with a new attitude. Fangte ASEAN God Painting is located at No. 66 Qinghuan Road, Qingxiu District, leaning on Qingxiu Mountain and built along the Yong River. The park includes Southeast Asian Style Street, five themed restaurants, eleven indoor themed projects and more than 30 outdoor amusement projects. , is a theme park suitable for all ages, suitable for family leisure travel, but also suitable for young people to explore strange adventures. There are special performances favored by the elderly, bear-infested theme areas that children like, and thrilling amusement projects that young people yearn for.
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Guangxi Museum of Nationalities
814 Reviews
9.7km from downtown
"A good place to date a male (female) friend~ In addition to a little far from the subway, there is nothing wrong with it. There are still many things to see. It also has very Guangxi ethnic characteristics. You can understand."
Reasons to Recommend: Guangxi Museum of Nationalities is centralized in Qingxiu District of Nanning City, next to the Qingxiu Mountain Scenic Area, where a wide range of bronze drums are displayed, and the world-famous "Lei Wen Big Bronze Drum" is also displayed there. There is also the Colorful Bagui Exhibition, where you can see a wide variety of ethnic costumes and daily necessities, showing the main features of various ethnic groups in Guangxi.
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Nanning Zoo
1,003 Reviews
5.7km from downtown
"Transportation: You can go directly by subway and go out of the subway. Then walk 100 meters to the play route. After entering the door, go to the left hand side to see the Raptors and the swans behind to see the mammoths and pandas. Unfortunately, the reptiles are closed. Recommended reasons: In Nanning, there are few places to go to play that are too many little kids."
Reasons to Recommend: Nanning Zoo is located in Wuliting, the Western suburb of Nanning. It is also sometimes called Xijiao Park. The zoo has a gorgeous natural environment perfect for taking the kids to see and enjoy the wide variety of animals. The zoo offers not only a great view of animals, such as black langur monkeys, hornbills, giant pandas, white tigers and camels, but also a variety of rides and waterparks. The amusement park is right inside the zoo, and includes rides like a giant pendulum swing and drop tower. If you're craving an adrenaline rush, be sure to check it out.
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Nanning Garden Expo Park
1,098 Reviews
19.6km from downtown
"The tickets are cheap, the park is very large and the scenery is beautiful. If you walk, you can go shopping for a long time. If you don't want to walk, you can borrow a battery car (need a motor vehicle driving license), the disadvantage is that the cost of borrowing the car is not enough for the people!"
Reasons to Recommend: The main park of the Garden Expo Park covers an area of 263 hectares. The land within the planning area is a typical Lingnan hilly landform. The current situation consists of 18 hills, 16 abandoned quarries, the Nag River in the north, Qingshui Spring in the middle, and a mine pit in the south. small-scale villages. The overall topography is rich and changeable, with undulating hills, meandering rivers, and good vegetation. It not only has excellent gardening conditions such as mountains, water, forests, springs, and lakes, but also has a typical inland river basin freshwater shell mound site. National cultural relics protection unit . The 12th Garden Expo has created three characteristics of "ecology, culture and sharing", so that tourists can "see the mountains, see the water, and remember to live in homesickness", and there are also three lakes, six bridges and eighteen ridges. The water body of the park is divided into three major lake areas. From north to south, they are: Linglong Lake, Qingquan Lake, and Colorful Lake. Across the three lake water bodies, the park has a total of six unique bridges, from north to south: three vehicle bridges - Zhujin Bridge, Jinhua Bridge, Diicui Bridge, three pedestrian bridges - Zhizhu Bridge, Drum Bridge, Splendid Bridge. "Eighteen Mountains" is based on the preservation of the existing eighteen mountains, through ecological restoration and landscape techniques, the formation of "Yong, Long, Cui" three mountain landscape veins. The park plans and designs six themed exhibition parks, namely China City Exhibition Park, ASEAN Park, Silk Road Park, Guangxi Park, Designer Park and Enterprise Park, with a total of 80 exhibition parks.
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Daming Mountain
662 Reviews
78.3km from downtown
"In Nanning, Guangxi, there is a mountain, called "Daming Mountain", where the landscape can be described as "height and deep", and is the largest and highest north regression sign park. Daming Mountain is named after "after rain, clear green, layered, full of life", and "Mingshan Pinnacle", is the highest bee in Guangxi. Daming Mountain is beautiful, majestic and straight, peaks and mountains stacked, lush. The mountain streams are crisscrossed, the valleys are densely forested; the cliff waterfalls, the dangerous bee canyons, the clouds and mists, and the changes are very fast. It is a rare eco-tourism resort in Guangxi. Because of the complex topography, unique climate, abundant animal and plant resources, relatively high and large, formed a clear and strange four-season landscape. "Spring, summer waterfall, autumn clouds, winter snow" is the abbreviation of four-season landscape of Daming Mountain."
Reasons to Recommend: Daming Mountain is located in the north of Wuming District, Nanning. The main peak is 1,761 meters and it features many natural landscapes such as canyons, old-growth forests, ancient trees, waterfalls, and expansive grasslands. The scenery is truly remarkable. In the spring, you can see large wild azaleas and escape from the summer heat in the coolness of the waterfalls and forest. In autum, you can see the "sea of clouds" and witness the rare southern fog in the winter.
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Yongjiang Night Tour
182 Reviews
1.1km from downtown
Boat Tours
"At 22 o'clock in the evening, many landscape lights on the coast are closed, there is nothing to look at, buy a 3-slip ticket, but during the period, people on the first or second floors can also come up, although there are people monitoring, but there are children still running in, noisy! In short, it is worth seeing, but it is recommended to buy before 22 o'clock, and there is no need to buy the 3rd floor ticket. You can also go up on the 1st or 2nd floors, but the difference between standing and sitting!"
Fengling Children's Park
362 Reviews
8.1km from downtown
Amusement Parks
"The best time in the new year 2022, the sun is bright, but unfortunately the parking charges on both sides of the road started, and I posted two receipts, and a car only pasted less than one arm of the front and back distance, let me in the dilemma, almost couldn't get out, I would advise the owner to pay attention to the morale!"
Reasons to Recommend: Fengling Children's Park is adjacent to the center of Nanning. The terrain is wide, the grass is green, and the environment is very good. The more attractive ones are the many fun projects here. There are both thrilling amusement parks and cool and comfortable water parks. You can also take a ride on the Ferris wheel and enjoy the aerial view. In the summer, the Fengling Water World in the park is a good place to cool off, with super big speakers, rapids, and tsunami waves. It has both thrilling and exciting experiences and leisurely play. Water enjoyment.
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Fengling Water World
790 Reviews
8km from downtown
Water Parks
"Fengling Water World has a lot of places to play, when the electronic syllables go, the children can play for a whole day, it is still very lively and fun, it is also a good choice to take the children together."
Reasons to Recommend: Fengling Water World is a large-scale water park in Nanning. There are many entertainment projects, such as super big speakers, rapids and gliding slides, etc., and you can take the bus in the city center. Arriving, the traffic is very convenient, it is a good place to cool off in summer. Entering the Fengling Water World, you can feel the oncoming coolness, the clear paddling pool, the tranquil environment surrounded by rockery, the entertainment equipment of various colors, the experience project for all ages, etc., where you can experience high-speed thrills. The passionate experience, and the leisurely enjoyment of leisure and water.
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TOP 10
Nanhu Park
1,266 Reviews
3.7km from downtown
City Parks
"In Nanning City, the bus and subway can be easily reached. The overall greening is very beautiful, it is the lotus leaf has been fielded in early summer, lotus flowers from time to time jumped out of the water. Leisure picnics here seem to be a very comfortable thing."
Reasons to Recommend: Nanhu Park is located in the southeast of Nanning City. It is a comprehensive park with a lake and a subtropical garden. Three-quarters of the entire park is water surface, the lake is clear, there are long banks and nine arch bridges on the lake. People can also go boating in the South Lake, or walk along the lake, and enjoy the beautiful night view of the Nanhu Bridge at night. And the park is full of vegetation, you can see plants from all over the country as well as many foreign famous trees.
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TOP 11
Seabed WorldBusiness Suspended
1,476 Reviews
1.5km from downtown
"It looks small outside, it actually feels quite big to go in. It is definitely not bad to go in the interior. It is recommended to visit (better than Qingxiu Mountain, this is also called 5A). Say three things: First, the map in the museum is blurred, and you can't find your location quickly; Second, there is no recommended tour route, many forks do not know which tours have been visited and which did not visit; third, some exhibits did not clearly write whether touchable, and some counter children can easily cross, safety hazards are very large."
Reasons to Recommend: The Seabed World is located in the Nanning People's Park and contains over 300 kinds of marine life. Visitors can view the various sea creatures and even feed and touch them. Strolling through the "undersea tunnel" in the scenic area is like under the sea. There are also shark performances, mermaid ballets, and other great shows. Don't miss it!
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TOP 12
Nanning People's Park
332 Reviews
1.7km from downtown
City Parks
"People's Park is a big free park, tourists are endless, the park is lively and extraordinary, many elderly people in the singing and dancing playing instruments, life is very rich. There are several attractions in the park, such as the Zhenning Fort, Chairman Mao's Visit to the Memorial Hall of the People of all Nationalities, the Monument of Heroes, etc. Here is 4A Scenic Area. I feel that there are many A-level scenic spots in Guangxi. I feel that I attach great importance to this aspect and have done a lot of work."
Reasons to Recommend: Nanning People's Park is situated in the north of Nanning City and is a famous urban park in Nanning. The park has Bailong Lake reflecting the clear blue sky. There are also sights such as the Chairman of the National People's Memorial Museum of Guangxi and the Monument to Revolutionary Martyrs. Visitors can board the Zhenning Fortress overlooking the surrounding urban areas, and Guangxi Museum of Nature is also close to the park. The Monument to the Revolutionary Martyrs is built on the north side of the park. It is a historic monument marking the heroic dedication of the liberation of Nanning and the establishment of new China during the period of the Great Revolution, the War of Resistance Against Japan, and the War of Liberation.
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TOP 13
Genting Sightseeing
698 Reviews
5km from downtown
Observation Decks
"It is worth taking the children to play, and paying a little more than 44 yuan with Qianbao. It is different scenery at different times. Take it well, choose to go at noon, mainly to see a little farther. The phone is not good, and the photos taken are general."
Reasons to Recommend: Genting Sightseeing is a sightseeing project at the King's International Marchent Centre. Rising a sheer 276 meters in the air, it offers a panoramic view of Nanning City, with especially beautiful night view. You can also challenge your guts by looking down to the ground through the fully transparent corridor under your feet. King's International Marchent Centre is located on the northwest side of Jinhu Square, with a total of 59 floors. Visitors can take a high-speed lift to the 59-story sightseeing hall, which has unobstructed 360-degree view. In good weather, you can see every corner of Nanning. The sunset view is also stunning from here.
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TOP 14
Longmen Water Cave
723 Reviews
11.6km from downtown
Hot Spring Resorts
Water Parks
"Not far from the city, it is very convenient to drive. The original reservoir is adapted to local conditions and becomes a place for leisure and play. Many famous calligraphy is recruited, and a lot of cultural feelings are added. A long glass trestle on the reservoir flies north and south, and the sky changes the road."
Reasons to Recommend: Longmen Waterpark is located in the Northwest of Nanning, and offers gorgeous scenery, evergreen trees and fresh, clean air. There is a glass bridge here stretching 288 meters that visitors can take on to test their courage. Each summer, the waterpark and reservoir here become hugely popular tourist destinations. Tourists also come here in the fall and winter to soak in the hot springs and take a load off.
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TOP 15
Jiuquwan Hot Spring
298 Reviews
12.4km from downtown
Hot Spring Resorts
"I am too satisfied, better than the hot springs in Xiangzhou, clean, the soup pool can also see the medicine bag, the service is good, just did not understand what kind of swimsuit is not allowed to go in, the price is also high, there are not many people on the day to go, I don't know how people are on weekends."
TOP 16
Longhushan Nature Reserve
323 Reviews
22.5km from downtown
Nature Reserves
National Parks
"For the half-price ticket, the price is OK. For the full price ticket, it can only be regarded as an IQ tax. Overall, the interactive experience is not as good as Hainan Nanwan Monkey Island. The whole scenic spot is divided into three parts, that is, three gathering places where monkeys are fed to monkeys. If you don't buy a bamboo raft ticket, you can return in the same way and see the monkeys' performance in the water. The trip takes two hours."
Reasons to Recommend: The Longhushan Nature Reserve is located northwest of Nanning within Longan County. It is considered to be one of the "Four Monkey Mountains" that are found in China. Visitors are able to explore the well kept peaks of the Longhu Mountains and are even able to interact up close with the monkeys. From the moment visitors enter the monkey district they will see monkeys excited and coming to welcome them. The monkeys enjoy interacting with visitors and can often be seen hanging out on the roadside or at the bridge playing and reaching out to food offered by the visitors. While in the scenic area visitors are able to make actual contact with the monkeys which makes for a great experience of harmony between man and nature with many amazing photo opportunities.
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TOP 17
Great Flower World
374 Reviews
22.3km from downtown
Flower Fields
"Very good, the flower world is particularly fun, the scenery is particularly beautiful, suitable for spring trips, taking pictures. There are particularly fun facilities inside, especially beautiful, especially great, especially suitable for taking pictures, suitable for playing"
Reasons to Recommend: Located in the northern part of Nanning and in the south of Wuming County, Great Flower World is a large-scale botanical garden where you can enjoy a variety of flowers, such as lavender, rape, and peaches all year round. At the same time, there are many animals such as black bears, sika deer, ostriches, and others and you can pet and feed them. It's great fun for the entire family!
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TOP 18
Nanning Rongcheng Jidi Haiyang WorldBusiness Suspended
329 Reviews
7.8km from downtown
"There are many zoos with poultry, tigers 🐯 a lot, the circus is very good Don't miss the beginning of 12 o'clock, go early to take a good location, we went to Saturday, go in at 9:30 almost, enter the circus at 11 o'clock, there will be air conditioning at 11:30."
Reasons to Recommend: Haiyuecheng·Rongsheng Polar Ocean World has a construction area of 150,000 square meters, an aquarium with a construction area of 28,000 square meters and a total water volume of 15,000 tons. The large window of the Ocean Pool is 15 meters long, 6 meters high, 50CM thick, 7.5 meters deep, and has a water volume of 4,000 tons. The submarine garden tunnel is 35 meters long, 4 meters deep, and has a water volume of 2,000 tons. The main part has three floors and the local part has four floors. The exhibition area of the venue is divided into four exhibition areas: marine legends, polar customs, happy ocean exhibition area, and immersive cute pet interactive park. Ocean Legends Exhibition Area: [Fantasy Mermaid Water Curtain Projection]——Using projector rear projection technology to project multimedia images onto the water curtain, along with the mermaid images that appear and disappear from time to time, create an illusory dynamic effect, which makes tourists amazed . 【Undersea Garden】——Through the long submarine tunnel, tourists seem to be on the bottom of the sea. The shocking viewing experience presented by a wide variety of fish will make tourists sigh at the infinite charm of the ocean. 【Ocean Exhibition Area】——The colorful fishes shuttle in the azure sea water, and the love story between the mermaid and the prince is newly upgraded. Under the witness of the sea and the sea god, the ordinary prince will transform into the mermaid prince and have a romantic encounter with the mermaid. Love, accompanied by fantastic light and shadow, shuttle and dance in the water curtain, forming a beautiful underwater magical picture, bringing the most peculiar, dreamy and exotic. [Exhibition of Fine Tanks]---Mainly display a series of high-quality fish, shrimps and crabs, glass cats, elephant trunk fish, red apple beauties and other dozens of marine creatures, combining the knowledge of marine life with marine scenes. Discover the mysteries of the ocean! Polar customs exhibition area: [Animal exhibition area] mainly focuses on the exhibition and interaction of animals in the North and South Pole. Visitors can watch the rare animals of the Arctic and Antarctic such as Arctic wolves and Arctic foxes at close range, and experience close contact with animal stars. Immersive cute pet interactive park area: [cute pet park] - tourists enter the immersive cute pet interactive park area, the exquisite scene setting presents tourists with a magical rainforest secret, combined with high-tech experience technology, allowing tourists to experience the adventure area The interaction between rainforest and cute pets, hundreds of cute pets, cute to turn your heart, cute value MAX! Interact and have fun with adorable groundhogs, raccoons, and squirrels, and explore the mysterious new world of cute pets. [Cute Pet Theater] - The performance interactive area of the cute pet park, a group of cute pets with stunts are funny, cute, and play tricks, fully showing the housekeeping skills of funny and humorous masters. Where are the magical animals ~ all in the cute pet theater! Happy Ocean Exhibition Area: [Performance Show Field] - In the large indoor performance show field that can accommodate thousands of people, visitors can watch the water interactive performance show of trainers and various marine creatures up close, and enjoy the unparalleled performance of marine animals. Cute marine animals take turns, full of fun and surprises, this will be the family's favorite happy place.
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TOP 19
Nanning Confucius Temple
117 Reviews
8.7km from downtown
Memorial Temples
"Nanning Confucius Temple is located in Qinghuan Road, Nanning City, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. It is located in the foothills of Qingxiu Mountain, a famous scenic spot in Nanning. It faces south, and it is located in the north. It is a tower of Phoenix, right Qinglongxiang Tower and the distance to the Bijia Mountain. It is now one of the largest Confucius Temples in Guangxi and even Lingnan."
Reasons to Recommend: Confucius Temple in Nanning is next to Qingxiu Mountain, a popular scenic place in Nanning. The building is wonderful and its scale is among in Guangxi and Lingnan. The Confucius Temple in Nanning is enclosed by mountains and waters. In front of it is the mother river of Nanning, the Lijiang River, the vermilion walls and the roof of the golden glazed tiles. After the building of the Confucius Temple, there are also many parents who come to pray that their children achieve academic success.
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TOP 20
Qingwafang Ancient Village
121 Reviews
13.3km from downtown
Ancient Villages
"One price full package, swimming pool, children's entertainment facilities, squatting performance, is that the price of the kart self-funded project is a bit expensive, very suitable for taking pictures, the food price of the park is not expensive, the fly in the ointment is that the power outage that day, from 10 am to 4 or 5 pm, Because it was late after the power was restored, the children's entertainment facilities still had to wait for 5 people to start, and waited for a full ten minutes. Ah 😔 The scenery is good, it is recommended, interesting and fun,"
Reasons to Recommend: Qingwafang Ancient Village is located in Xialing Village, Shibu Town, Xixiangtang District, Nanning City. It is characterized by ancient buildings from the Qing Dynasty and is complemented by various art designs. There are whole brick buildings and stone slabs, stone arch bridges, bamboo forests, locomotives, green leather train cars, glass rope bridges, etc. Each step is a different landscape. There are snacks such as Zhongshan Road snacks and Chongqing specialty products on both sides of the street.
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