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Things To Do in Haining

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JASONYGBIt is ok. Not very exciting. Wait for long time Just have a few mins watch Also It is not impressive
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时光中行走[6] When we come to Jiaxing, we must go to Qiantang River to see the tide. Although the time is not right, the Lunar Eleventh is a small tide, or more than 6 am and evening, but it is also good to see other landscapes. [6] Jiaxing departure for the bus, the total time should be more than three hours. First to Haining Station and then to Yanguan Station, then walk to the scenic spot. The advantage is low cost, the disadvantage is too time-consuming. [6] You can also take the high-speed rail from Jiaxing South Station to Haining West Station, 16 minutes at a station, and then about 70 yuan by Didi to the scenic spot. The time is also relatively fast, and the cost is also 100 yuan. It is still more cost-effective. [6] If three or four people travel, it is recommended to take a taxi. The road fee is about 200 yuan. There are not many people who share it. The key is to speed fast, about an hour, and directly to the gate of the scenic spot. [6] Scenic area ticket is 30 yuan. It's rainy in Jiangnan. It's really not casual. Remember to bring an umbrella. I won't tell anyone I forgot to bring 🌂.
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cathlyHaining Yangguan is a good choice to watch the tide, although it is not yet time, July and August is the best time to watch the tide, but now is also good, Yangchun March, the most beautiful period in Jiangnan. Tide Watching Park is a great place to watch tides. Although it is not big, the tides come and go, it is also very pleasant. The nearby sea temple, Jinyong Academy, Chenge Old House, Yanguan Ancient City, Wangguowei's former residence can be seen, very knowledge.
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SuemariSo beautiful! The bars inside are quite expensive. But the atmosphere is great. Some even have live music. There are boats that take you around the town that average at about 60rmb per person. The lines for these boats are usually quite long. Bring comfortable walking shoes.
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sifanpzsPicked a sunny day, my friend Yoo Zhen came to experience it together, drove to the base, and then unified the van to the top of the mountain, the coach will explain the precautions, you can run hard at the beginning, not scary at all, super cool.
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Jjp金Always want to go to Haining to watch the tide, May Day holiday drive by Haining, see the usual monthly early or mid-month tide, this year must strive to see the most spectacular tide before and after the lunar August 18, look forward to the spectacular natural dynamic wonders.

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China Leather Capital-HainingJiaxing,China

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cheng huang miaoJiaxing,China

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Zongzi MuseumJiaxing,China

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Zhejiangsheng Nongkeyuan Yangdu BaseJiaxing,China

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Luotanghe ParkJiaxing,China

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Former Residence of Zhimo XuJiaxing,China

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Haining Travel Tips

About Haining

Haining is located in the north of Zhejiang Province and is affiliated to Jiaxing City. Haining has the world wonder Haining Tidal Bore. There are also many famous ancient relics such as the Wave Viewing Park, the Ancient Town of Yanguan and the Xiashi Scenic Area. Since ancient times Haining has had a strong tradition of education and many well known people came from this area. The famed Wuxia novelist Jinyong is from Haining. His ancestral home is in Yuanhua Town which is in the southeast of the city. There are also other cultural attractions within the area such as the Qin Juntao Art Research Hall, the Former Residence of Zhang Zongxiang, West Hill Park and the Former Residence of Xu Zhimo.

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Here are the best places to visit in Haining, including: Haining Yanguan Tourist Resort,Guanchao Shengdi Park,Yanguan Ancient Town
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