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About Macau

Located on the southeast coast of Mainland China, Macau has been a point of intersection between Chinese and Western culture for four hundred years, particularly Portuguese culture. You can see the fusion of cultural essences in the details, patterns, and imagery used in Macau’s architecture, nearly everywhere you look. Of particular interest is the Historic Centre of Macau, where the old buildings still thrive, teeming with life and brimming with the mysteries of Macau’s multicultural heritage. The area covered by Macau is quite small, only 29.9 square kilometers, but its food, ancient architecture, shopping and rich nightlife attract countless tourists.

Popular Attractions in Macau

Macau Tower
6,608 Reviews
Observation Deck
The Macau Tower is one of the landmark buildings in Macau. When you travel back and forth between the Macau peninsula and the islands of Taipa and Coloane, you will see its lone silhouette. Entering the tower, you can take a bullet lift to the sightseeing level, where you can enjoy the scenery within 55 kilometers. The Macau Peninsula, Taipa Island, Coloane Island, and the Pearl River Delta make up a panoramic view.
The Venetian Macao
6,011 Reviews
The Venetian Macao is a luxury hotel and casino resort in Macau owned by the American Las Vegas Sands Company. It is a fully integrated resort that contains hotels, exhibitions, shopping outlets, sports, variety shows and leisure facilities. If you are a shopaholic, you must not miss the Grand Canal Shoppes located inside the resort. You can also take a gondola ride between the arch bridges and imagine that you were above the streets of old Venice.
Ruins of St. Paul's
7,078 Reviews
UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site
Historical Site
The Ruins of St. Paul's is one of the signature landmarks of Macau. It used to be the front wall of St. Paul's Church before it was burned down. Visiting the Ruins of St. Paul's, you should closely observe the exquisite reliefs on the walls in addition to appreciating the breathtaking front facade. Underneath the Ruins of St. Paul, there is a Catholic Art Museum and a burial chamber. The museum houses precious Catholic paintings and sculptures, all carefully selected from various churches in Macau.
Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge
593 Reviews
Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge is a spectacular bridge connecting Hong Kong, Zhuhai and Macau. It is a very long bridge. Is construction took up a large amount of investment and proved to be a technically difficult cross-sea project. At night, after the bridge lights are turned on, the night view is mesmerizing, not unlike an illuminated ribbon floating over the sea.

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Studio City Macau Golden Reel Ticket
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Walking in the Historic Center of Macao, You Will Begin to Appreciate the Culture and Tradition of This Unique City
Natural Landscapes
Historic Landmarks
Performance Halls
World Heritage Sites
Landmark Buildings
With over 400 years of cultural exchange, Macao is the best-preserved historical blended Chinese and western architectural complex in the world and was listed as a world cultural heritage site as a result thereof. Strolling through the Historic Center of Macao, the ancient churches, history museums, and western-style buildings will highlight just how unique this city is from anywhere else on earth.
TripBlog   Dec 16, 2019
10 Must-Try Snacks in Macau For Doses of Happiness
It's easy to bump into a snack stall of cult appeal anywhere in Macau. No matter whether the snack in question is a freshly baked egg tart or jook-sing noodles bursting with heavenly scents, they are all bound to brighten up your day.Below you'll find the top 10 must-try snacks when visiting Macau!
TripBlog   Nov 21, 2019
12 Historical Attractions in Macau
Cultural History
Historic Landmarks
World Heritage Sites
Landmark Buildings
Macau is well known as Asia's gambling hub, and it's situated on the southeast coast of China. Macau is a small city and a popular destination for history, fashion, oriental and western cultures with prosperity and peace. Macau is within an area of 27.5 sq kilometers, and 95% of Chinese people reside here. The city is full of Portuguese buildings, and the street names also reflect Portuguese culture. The Macau name was derived from the word Magao, which was devoted to Mazu, an ancient sacred sea goddess.
TripBlog   Oct 25, 2019

Macau Weather

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Trip Moments

Traveling Sisters   
Refused to take a photo of passers-by, the most powerful Raiders in Macau's Paris Tower niche punch card! Love Lock Bridge Love may not be forever, but the romance of love can be full of Parisian people in Macau! The love lock bridge between the observation deck on the 7th floor of the Eiffel Tower and the main building of the resort, built on the art bridge on the Seine in Paris, is also a famous love declaration resort~~ A new generation of love beans Zhu Zhengting not long ago When I came to punch the card, I also sent a romantic "invitation" to the pearl sugar. The flowers also left a lot of photos of the girl's heart! In the afterglow of the setting sun, under the Eiffel Tower, say a Bonjour to yourself tomorrow, and send yourself a happy blessing! Qcube kingdom, carousel If you are traveling with a baby, after shopping in the shopping center, after leaving a romantic declaration on the love lock bridge, you may wish to bring your child. Have fun with the Q Cube Kingdom! Nearly 2,000 square meters of children's playground, indoor and outdoor play space is full of climbing space capsules, slides, carousels and other rides. The carousel is another great checkpoint with the Eiffel Tower! Flower strength interpretation! , open-air swimming pool summer heat, put on a bathing suit and jump into the cool and refreshing pool! The Parisian Water World features a 13-meter-high Queen Marie-Antoinette Tower, a spiral water slide, a red windmill on Montmartre and a 15-meter Verne airship equipped with a tumbling Mungofi crane Baskets of red and white hot air balloons, climbing nets, swinging wooden bridges, etc., you can enjoy the water or challenge the thrills! Here is also a punching point with the Eiffel Tower to take a cool photo!
Posted: Aug 29, 2019
Paris Xuan is a special restaurant on the 6th floor of the Eiffel Tower. The decoration is extremely cool and exquisite industrial style. The seats are harmoniously passed through the criss-crossed steel frame. It is very haha~ The main theme is the creative cuisine of the Sino-French cuisine. It presents the Chinese flavor with a delicate French method. It is a unique feature and is the 2019 Black Pearl Restaurant Guide. You can also enjoy the view of the food while enjoying the 360-degree view of the Cotai Strip! We ordered a "Black Pearl" package directly. As a pre-dinner snack, Paris Xuan exquisite three fights, attracted me to the table. "Three fights" is the Parisian crab meat caviar he, the French Gidola oysters with finger lime grapefruit juice, frozen foie gras crispy suckling pig with truffle ball French finger cake. raw oysters with finger lime grapefruit juice, the entrance is instant, in addition to raw sweet and fresh, and fresh fruit flavor. The combination of foie gras and finger cake is the first time I have encountered it. The crispy suckling pig oil is moist and sweet, the silky goose liver sauce is smooth and the crispy overlap of the finger cake, the taste is wonderful! With crab caviar, he opened his appetite perfectly~ black garlic, scented rice snails, stewed pigeon soup, stewed for a good time, has a natural sweet taste, added a rich amino acid alone The head black garlic and Ge Xianmi can be said to be very healthy, and the Cantonese people who love the soup can't pick it up! Paris Xuan secret black truffle juice three treasures, choose the jade Bao, goose and Liao Shen secret system, the material is expensive. The abalone is rich in flesh, the sea cucumber is fresh and tender, the goose's palm is soft and rotten, and the black truffle juice is poured. It is delicious and can't help but scream! Jinsha cream blue lobster ball with fragrant mango grapefruit rustling, fresh lobster ball wrapped in salted egg yolk, slightly sandy taste in the middle and outside crisp and tender, spoon on a fragrant mango citron rustling, just can dissolve the salty egg yolk . Pan-fried A5 Kagoshima and cattle with morel juice in the pastoral vegetables, choose semi-fat and thin parts, tender and tender, full of fat, more expensive morel and add extra fresh to the cattle. The finished dessert is an exquisite "peach". Under the white chocolate shell, it is a peach mousse and fresh peach peach. It is cool and sweet, and it can impress the girl's heart!
Posted: Sep 6, 2019

Frequently Asked Questions

I recommended Wynn Palace Skycab, Macau Peninsula, Cheoc Van Beach, Taipa, Sai Van Lake.
Here are the absolute best restaurants in Macau: A Vencedora, Le Buffet, Robuchon au Dôme, Ming Ji Niu Shen Food, Gelatina Mok Yi Kei.
Here are the best places to visit in Macau, including: Rua da Cunha, St. Dominic's Church, Studio City Macau, Hac Sa Beach, Golden Reel.