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Things To Do in Qidong

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tiramisu1130There is a landscape called Venice on the sea! Non-holidays, Venice on the sea really no one, contracted the whole beach here is still a good scenery like photographing friends must not miss!
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萍果1212Bought the general D tickets for the whole audience, 118 for one big and one small is very cost-effective, 200 for the spot. There is not even a working person in Little Water Drop Paradise. Don't let children play by themselves just to save adult tickets. There was an accident in the paradise at noon today, and a little girl was sucked in. It was too scary. Fortunately, there was nothing serious and her leg broke. According to the staff, it was because the girl was swimming in the rafting area, and she could only play in a kayak, wondering, what about the staff? What about the parents? The staff are also students who work part-time in the summer, and they must take good care of their children.
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诗意情节Missing the beach in Southeast Asia, you can only come here for a good time. Summer has not arrived ~ Let your feet feel the temperature in the summer ~~ is quite cold! However, there are not many people coming during the workday. You can enjoy a slow life for a while! The scenery is not bad!
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TaleTellCan touch the sky, in the port of Lusi, Jiangsu, the weather is particularly powerful, this day of marshmallows simply not enough, too beautiful. This is a long road in the port of Lvsi, because of the danger of high tide, the intersection of the sea has been closed, or respect local management do not casually over the better, along the road beauty is enough to see, stop and stop, very comfortable, it is very windy. The road is always open from the seafood market, many Shanghai people will specially open the market to buy seafood. It will be very blocked during the holidays! But after the small market, there is no human, quiet and beautiful ~ Seeing a lot of half-person-sized ~emmmmm~ Some shops selling various shell products and various seafood dry goods ~ Come to Lusi, you must try the local seafood, it is quite fresh, The price is also very suitable! If you are in the seafood market, it is best to come with the local people, because listen to the local people, the Shanghai people come, will be bought expensive 🤦‍♀️ In short, the sky here is really love ~
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xuejlStanding at Yuantuo Point, the vast Yangtze River enters the sea from here, and the East China Sea and the Yellow Sea are also at this boundary. The three waters meet and are magnificent. Coupled with the unique natural landscape of watching the sun at the same time, many literati and guests have come to watch the sunrise from Yuantuo Point. For pleasure. Yuantuojiao has been turned into a natural scenic tourist area, and the Yangtze River into the sea monument, Dayu stone statue, Yinyang Tower, man-made lake, natural bathing beach, resorts, and pavilions have been built successively, which are the main attractions of the scenic area.
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vivo5953it is so far, but could be good for couples/ dating, because we went there with a group of friends, so it was just so so

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Ziwei Park (West Gate)Nantong,China

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Tiancang FarmNantong,China

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Jiangtian ZooNantong,China

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Longwangmiao RuinsNantong,China

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Qidongshi Lvsigangzhen Jianggongguan Leisure Ecological ParkNantong,China

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Jiangtian Ecological ParkNantong,China

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About Qidong

Qidong is located in the southeast of Jiangsu Province, with the Yellow Sea to the east and the Yangtze River to the south. It was named Qidong to mean "Opening of the eastern territory" when it was established. Qidong has unique river and ocean scenery, with many interesting attractions including the Yuantuo Point, Binhai Industrial Park and Ziwei Park. Agricultural products are abundant in Qidong. There are special farms that provide visitors farmland experiences in the area.

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Here are the best places to visit in Qidong, including: Bihai Silver Sand (Venice Hotel on the Sea),Golden Beach,Children's Kingdom in Joy World
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