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Travel enthusiasts know that one of the biggest expenses associated with booking a vacation are the airline tickets. While driving and traveling by train is becoming increasingly popular, for many international and long-haul domestic trips, flying is the best travel option. Fortunately, there are a few useful tips and tricks you can apply to save on your airline tickets. Keep reading to find out how to find cheap flights.

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Plan Your Booking Window.

The closer you get to a departure date, the more airline fares go up. They often do this, because they believe last minute travelers are mostly business travelers with more to spend. Of course, booking too far in advance isn’t always beneficial either. While there is no exact science to this, there are some trends to keep in mind. It appears that the best time to book your flight is around 2 months before your departure outside of high season, or 4-5 months if you are traveling during high season.

If you know that this trip is coming up at least a year in advance, try monitoring the price fluctuation as it is likely to spike and drop in similar ways when you are ready to book.

Some airlines even offer special discounts at the same time every year. Planning your vacation well in advance could mean that you’ll be on time to take advantage of the annual sales.

Be Flexible.

It has become clear that airline ticket prices do fluctuate immensely depending on the time of year, season, or even the day of the week! Booking a trip during summer may be more expensive because flights are in high demand when school is on break. Not to mention the end of year holiday season! Seeing your loved ones on New Year’s Eve can cost a pretty penny! While it’s understood that sometimes travel dates are non-negotiable, you can save big when you travel outside of peak seasons. If you just need a getaway and the date isn’t as important to you, do some research on the low seasons of your desired destination. It will more than likely make a difference in the airline ticket price, but also in the accommodation rate.

Pay close attention to how prices differ for travel on weekdays versus weekends. Since people often tend to be free from work or school on weekends, chances are they will travel then. With the demand on weekends being so high, it might be a good idea to depart on a weekday. Beware of destinations that are popular for business travel, however. Ticket prices for those destinations may spike on Mondays and Fridays as that’s when a lot of business travel takes place. Often Tuesday through Thursday seems to be the sweet spot, but this varies per location!

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Explore Discount Airlines.

With travel becoming an increasingly popular pastime, the number of price accessible airlines has risen. While traditionally, they used to only provide service for short-haul travel, they now fly all around the globe! Travelers used to be skeptical of budget airlines as they had not yet built a reputation for safety and service quality. Nowadays, most people know what to expect, and are glad to book a trip with a more affordable carrier.

While they don’t offer all the luxuries that most traditional airlines do, those who are just looking to get from point A to point B safely, won’t mind. Why not give it a shot for your next trip?

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Book a Connecting Flight.

This technique is a little tricky. It’s not always the case that a connecting flight is cheaper than a direct flight, but it is possible. When looking for tickets to your destination, try looking for flights to nearby airports as well, be it locally or internationally. You may be able to find a very cheap flight, or public transport to the location you wanted to go to from there. If the total price is significantly less, and you are not in a hurry to get to your destination, be sure to give this method a try! It does take proper planning, though. Make sure you have more enough time between the first and second leg of the trip. Missing your connection, could ruin your trip and possibly end up being more expensive than the direct flight would have been.

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The Save & Fly browser extension is a big help when bargain hunting. While you’re looking for airline tickets online, the extension notifies you of whether the exact same flight is available on at a better price. It’s completely free to install and use, and it takes some of the pressure off booking your tickets. You can download the Google Chrome extension here.

Also, don’t forget to keep an eye on’s Deals page. A great opportunity for flexible travelers. When you see a great discount, book the trip! You may fall in love with a new destination you haven’t discovered before.

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Frequent Flyers, Rack up Those Points!

If you’re a frequent flyer on a budget, you probably already do this. Make sure to collect and organize those loyalty points! Even if you don’t intend on traveling much, you should always sign up for the free loyalty programs, because they can come in very handy in the future. Some airlines even work together and allow you to combine the points that you’ve collected.

Points can be used to get discounts on your upcoming trips, and if you have enough, you may be eligible to get a free flight for your loyalty.

Those who only travel once in a while can save their points for a rainy day, or they can use them for non-ticket benefits like a free upgrade, discounts at car rental companies, free nights at a hotel, and so much more! It pays to save!

Keep these practical tips in mind when booking your next getaway, and save on the journey!

FAQ about Booking Cheap Flights

  • Why are the prices of airline tickets different?
    Flight ticket prices depend on many different factors. The airline determines the value of their ticket. They will have different prices for different seats, and classes. Another common reason for the price difference is supply and demand.

  • Which day of the week is the best day to buy airline tickets?
    While this largely depends on the destination, it is recommended to fly on days when less people intend to travel. For many destinations, this is in the middle of the week.

  • Why do travel sites have a flexible dates feature?
    Often, travelers can save big when they are open to traveling on dates when demand is lowest. That feature can help website visitors find the best prices.

  • What is meant by the term budget airline?
    A budget airline is an airline that operates with a focus on minimizing as many costs as possible, and passing those savings on to travelers. Often, such airlines provide less features than traditional airlines to keep costs low.

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