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Where to Go for High Tea in Your Traveling Destination in 2024?

Polish your cutlery and raise those pinky fingers - it's time for some classy Oz cuisine! Whatever the occasion, nothing hits the spot quite like high tea in Sydney. Our latest round of top picks covers some of the very best eateries in town – with a combination of harbor views, buzzing urban hot spots and quaint eateries off the beaten track, you're sure to find something here that's just your cup of tea.

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1.High Tea Sydney: Shangri-La Hotel

Looking for the quintessential high tea experience in Sydney? Look no further than the Shangri-La Hotel down by the quay. Priced at AUS$65 ($95 at weekends), High Tea at Altitude does just what it says on the tin – combining a 3-tiered tower of treats with stunning views of Sydney Harbor Bridge and the Opera House, Shangri-La has miniature fine dining down to a tee! Treat your tastebuds to a range of savory morsels, like the finger sandwiches, smoked chicken breast bagel and a BBQ pork shoulder slider, and scones that come with fresh clotted cream and sweet homemade jam. For an extra 20 bucks, you can even throw some sparkling wine into the mix.

Address: 176 Cumberland Street, The Rocks, Sydney NSW 2000

Available 7 days a week (bookings essential)

Figure 1 The Shangri-La Hotel is home to classic 3-tiered treat towers – a staple of the Sydney high tea experience

2.High Tea Sydney: The Gunners Barracks Tea Room

Picture fine bone china, waiters in pressed white jackets and panoramic views stretching all the way across Sydney Harbor from the CBD to North Head - high tea in the Gunners Barracks is as good as it gets. Dishes include a combination of high tea classics like homemade scones and clotted cream, or delicate sandwiches paired with a selection of 41 premium teas. Also included are local staples, like the aptly-named opera cake, and some more left-field offerings, like creamy mango pudding and samosas. For the very best views, be sure to get a spot on the verandah, where the eye-popping scenery just adds to the taste.

Address: Suakin Drive, Mosman, Sydney 2088

Available 7 days a week, from 10am to 5pm

Figure 2 The Gunners Barracks tearoom is one of the most famous high tea locations in all of Sydney

3.High Tea Sydney: Radisson Blu Hotel

If you're looking for some culinary quietude, Radisson Blu is a relaxing little eatery away from the crowds, where you can enjoy high tea in peace. Expect a blend of seasonal flavors and classic ingredients, such as the selection of La Maison Du teas and Vittoria coffees. There are vegan options available, along with a wide selection of gluten-free treats designed by the hotel's very own pastry chef. Prices start at $75 per person. If you're dining with little ones, there's a child-friendly option combining sweet and savory delights with a special mocktail, juice, soft drink, or tea. Whatever your age or dietary requirements, Radisson Blu lets you taste the finer things in life. Bon Appetit!

Address: 27 O'Connell Street, Sydney 2000

Available Saturday and Sunday, 10.30am to 3.30pm

Figure 3 Radisson Blu - a relaxing little eatery away from the crowds, where you can enjoy the finer things in life

4.High Tea Sydney: TWR, Crown Towers Sydney

TWR (also known as the Waiting Room) is a laidback and stylish setting for high tea, located on the ground floor of the Crown Towers hotel in Barangaroo. On the menu is an irresistible parmesan, pea and mint tart, followed by rare beef sandwich, and finished off with a refreshingly indulgent tropical mousse. And of course, there's the scones – there's two kinds to choose from, namely the classic plain variety and TWR's very own ginger-lime creation. Both come with liberal dollops of clotted cream and homemade jam.

Address: Crown Sydney, Level 1/1 Barangaroo Ave, Barangaroo NSW 2000

Available Saturday and Sunday, 2pm to 5pm

Figure 4 The Langham Sydney: With its royal pedigree and timeless heritage, this is a truly regal take on the high tea tradition

5.High Tea Sydney: The Langham Sydney

Langham's flagship hotel in London is considered by many to be the birthplace of traditional high teas, so this Sydney hot spot comes with unique culinary pedigree. The Langham Supper Club has been serving up excellence since 1865, so you can rest assured they know which side their bread is buttered. Afternoon tea combines finger sandwiches of salmon, ham and cucumber with cute little chicken and leek pies. The obligatory scones with clotted cream and strawberry jam are not to be missed, while the chocolate fudge, banoffee pies and miniature layer cakes are equally decadent and just as good. If tea is your tipple, then you'll love the selection here, which includes some brews made specially for the Langham and nowhere else. With its royal lineage and the crowning glory of its clotted cream, the Langham is a truly regal take on the high tea tradition. Pull up a throne and tuck in!

Address: 89-113 Kent Street, Sydney, NSW 2000, Australia

Available 7 days a week, 11am to 5pm

Sydney has so much to offer the tea-friendly traveler. With its amazing scenery, cultural landmarks and a multitude of culinary offerings, the city really is a foodie's haven. There's no better way to sample all these delights in one sitting than through Sydney's world-famous high tea ceremonies. If you're heading this way, make your Sydney trip even more irresistible with a stay in one of our recommended Sydney hotels: YEHS Hotel Sydney CBD, Travelodge Hotel Sydney Airport, and Megaboom City Hotel.

FAQs about high tea in Sydney

  • What is high tea like in Sydney?

    Many Sydney residents are fans of high tea, which is a British tradition involving seemingly bottomless hot tea and a three-tiered stand piled high with decadent pastries and treats.

  • Are high tea and afternoon tea the same thing?

    Technically, no. Traditionally, ‘afternoon tea' was light bites, served in the early afternoon, whereas 'high tea' consisted of dishes that are more substantial and served later in the day. However, the modern version of ‘high tea' combines the best of both.

  • How is high tea usually served in Australia?

    When you visit a tea house, café or restaurant in Australia and ask for high tea, don't expect to be served meat pies, pickled salmon, baked beans, and cold cuts (as is the English custom). Instead, expect to get a nice pot of tea paired with some delicious pastries and cream.

  • What should I wear for high tea?

    The standard high tea attire is 'smart casual'. This means no trainers, t-shirts, shorts or other sportswear. A typical outfit for afternoon tea for men would include smart trousers and shoes, with a shirt

  • When is the best time for high tea?

    High tea is usually served between 5pm and 7pm, but you can enjoy it whenever and wherever you like!

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