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  • Hotel BaliAn Resort Higashi Shinjuku - Adults Only

    Hotel BaliAn Resort Higashi Shinjuku - Adults Only

    (Hotel BaliAn Resort Higashi Shinjuku - Adults Only)

    4.5/516 reviews | 7.2 km from downtown
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    Moderate Room
  • Vessel Inn Asakusa Tsukuba Express

    Vessel Inn Asakusa Tsukuba Express

    (Vessel Inn Asakusa Tsukuba Express)

    4.3/5240 reviews | 0 km from downtown
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    Confort double room Non-smoking(renewal)
  • Hotel Keihan Tokyo Yotsuya

    Hotel Keihan Tokyo Yotsuya

    (Hotel Keihan Tokyo Yotsuya)

    4.3/5193 reviews | 4.2 km from downtown
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    Semi Double Room Smoking
  • La'Gent Hotel Shinjuku Kabukicho

    La'Gent Hotel Shinjuku Kabukicho

    (La'Gent Hotel Shinjuku Kabukicho)

    4.3/5196 reviews | 7.5 km from downtown
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    Run of House
  • Via Inn Akihabara

    Via Inn Akihabara

    (Via Inn Akihabara)

    4.3/5414 reviews | 4.1 km from downtown
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    Single Room B Smoking
  • Nohga Hotel Ueno Tokyo

    Nohga Hotel Ueno Tokyo

    (Nohga Hotel Ueno Tokyo)

    4.6/5213 reviews | 5.8 km from downtown
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    Double Room

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Japan Travel: Arriving in Japan

Welcome to our guide on your trip to Japan! 🌸 This guide will help you with everything you need for your journey, including tips on managing costs, understanding the time difference, preparing for the weather, and understanding cultural norms. We also provide practical tips to make your visit as enjoyable as possible. So, be sure to read this guide before you head to Japan~ 💕

Trip to Japan Info

Trip to Japan Info

Japan, an island nation that extends from Hokkaido in the north to Okinawa in the south, includes thousands of islands and offers a wide variety of sights and activities. Japan experiences four distinct seasons—spring, summer, autumn, and winter—each bringing its unique natural beauty and seasonal foods. April is a particularly special time when many parts of the country are decorated with the famous cherry blossoms. Japanese cuisine, a major part of any trip, varies widely across its 47 prefectures, each presenting local ingredients and culinary traditions.

Despite its varying landscapes from mountain areas to city areas, Japan’s train system makes traveling across the country very easy. Speaking even a little Japanese can improve your experience, and while the people are generally quiet, they are incredibly welcoming to visitors. Known for its safety and cleanliness, Japan remains one of the most wonderful and safe destinations for travelers around the world.

PopulationApprox. 125 million, predominantly Japanese, with minorities like Ainu, Ryukyuan, Koreans, Chinese
LanguageJapanese (official and widely spoken), English (widely used in tourist areas and major cities)
Currency Exchange RateThe yen (Japanese: 円, symbol: ¥; code: JPY) is the official currency of Japan.
1 JPY = 0.0064 USD, 1 JPY = 0.0060 EUR (as of 2024 May)
Time DifferenceJapan is GMT+9.
Ahead of: NYC by 13 hours, London by 8 hours, Singapore by 1 hour
Best Time to TravelCherry Blossom Season: Late March to early April,
Autumn Leaves: Mid-November to early December
Visa Policy for Key CountriesUSA, UK, Singapore:No visa needed for up to 90 days. EU:Visa required for all types of visits​​.
Visa Transit PolicyMost transit passengers don't need a visa if staying in the airport transit area under 72 hours. Some exceptions apply.

How Much is a Vacation to Japan?

How Much is a Vacation to Japan?

Tokyo 5 star Hotel

Japan is considered a moderately expensive destination, but budget-friendly travel is also possible. Major expenses include flights, hotels, Internet(eSIMs), transportation (like the JR Pass), food, attraction and souvenirs. Generally, traveling to Japan for a 2-night, 3-day trip as a budget traveler can cost approximately $780 to $1,550. This estimate includes round-trip flights from the US ($600-$1,200), budget accommodations ($40-$100), public transportation ($30-$50), meals at budget-friendly places ($60-$100), and sightseeing activities like visiting TeamLab Planets TOKYO ($50-$100). For a more extended visit or for those traveling with families or preferring luxury accommodations and dining, costs can range significantly higher, from $1,000 to over $10,000, influenced by choices in lodging, dining, and activities.

Round-trip flights usually cost between $500 and $1,200 (from USA). Hotel prices range from $20 to $50 per night for budget options, and more than $500 per night for luxury hotels. Japan's public transportation is extensive and a one-way subway or train ticket costs between $1.50 and $5. Dining out can also fit a budget, with meals at economical eateries costing $5 to $10, while mid-range travelers could expect to spend between $150 to $250 per day. For those looking to minimize food expenses, consider eating at convenience stores.

Planning and researching costs ahead of time can help manage your budget effectively.

CategoryDetailCost (USD)
FlightsUSA to Tokyo (Round-trip, Economy)$500 - $1,500+
London to Tokyo (Round-trip, Economy)from $762
Singapore to Tokyo (Round-trip, Economy)from $336
USA (San Francisco) to Osaka (Round-trip, Economy)from $376
HotelsTokyo: Average cost of mid-range (per night)$90 - $230
Tokyo: Luxury hotels (per night)$500+
Other Cities: Mid-range hotels (per night)$55 - $140
FoodStreet food/fast food (per meal)$3 - $8
Casual dining (per meal)$8 - $20
Mid-range restaurants (per meal)$20 - $50
High-end restaurants (per meal)$100 - $200+
SouvenirsJapanese snacks and sweets$3 - $20
Traditional crafts and goods$20 - $200+
Anime and pop culture merchandise$3 - $30+
TransportationSubway/train (per ride)$2 - $4
Bullet train (Shinkansen, long-distance)$100 - $200+
Buses (per ride)$2 - $5
Taxis (starting price)$6 - $7
Rental car (per day)$50 - $80
AttractionTemples and shrines (admission fee)$2 - $5
Museums and galleries (admission fee)$5 - $20
Theme parks (admission fee)$20 - $80
Onsen (hot springs, per visit)$5 - $30
CommunicationRental Wi-Fi router (per day)$7 - $12
eSIM cardfrom $0.81

Prices in Japan

Prices in Japan

Introduction to Japanese Currency

The official currency of Japan is the yen, represented by the symbol ¥ and under the currency code JPY. As of May 2024, the exchange rates are approximately 1 JPY = 0.0064 USD, 1 JPY = 0.0087 SGD and 1 JPY = 0.0060 EUR. This information is essential for travelers to plan their budgets effectively when converting your home currency to yen for expenses in Japan.

Cost of Living Summary

Living in Japan presents various costs depending on lifestyle and family size. For a family of four, the estimated monthly expenses excluding rent average around $2,912.70 (453,938.6¥). For a single person, monthly costs are typically around $825.40 (128,630.7¥) without rent. Overall, the cost of living in Japan is roughly 33.1% lower than in the United States, with rent being about 67.3% cheaper on average. Understanding these costs can help manage expectations and budget planning for both visitors and potential expatriates.

CategoryCost (USD)Average Cost (¥)Cost Range
Meal, Inexpensive Restaurant$6.421,003.12Range: $3.85 - $10.91
Meal for 2, Mid-range, Three-course$38.506,015.62Range: $25.67 - $128.33
McMeal at McDonalds$4.81751.56Range: $4.17 - $5.77
Market Items
Milk (1 liter)$1.37213.75Range: $1.03 - $1.86
Eggs (12)$2.11329.69Range: $1.45 - $2.69
Chicken Fillets (1kg)$5.93926.56Range: $2.57 - $8.98
Apples (1kg)$4.49701.56Range: $2.30 - $9.19
One-way Ticket (Local Transport)$1.41220.31Range: $1.03 - $2.25
Monthly Pass (Regular Price)$51.338,020.31Range: $32.08 - $102.67
Taxi Start (Normal Tariff)$3.72580.47Range: $3.08 - $5.00
Utilities (Monthly for 85m2 Apt)
Basic Utilities$158.8424,821.25Range: $96.25 - $295.16
Internet (60 Mbps, Unlimited Data)$32.165,025.00Range: $25.67 - $44.92
Clothing and Shoes
1 Pair of Jeans (Levis 501 Or Similar)$40.836,379.69Range: $19.19 - $64.17
1 Summer Dress (Zara, H&M)$29.874,667.19Range: $12.83 - $51.33
1 Pair of Nike Running Shoes$55.328,637.50Range: $32.08 - $79.15
Rent Per Month
Apartment (1 bedroom) in City Centre$554.5986,636.72Range: $384.99 - $1,122.90
Apartment (3 bedrooms) in City Centre$1,154.72180,364.06Range: $641.66 - $3,208.29

Japan Season, Weather & Clothing

Japan Season, Weather & Clothing

Source from Weather Guide

Japan experiences a broad range of climates, from hot and humid summers to cold winters with Siberian air currents chilling the northwest. The majority of rainfall occurs in the summer (especially in June), particularly during the typhoon season from August to September, which affects the country with about six typhoons each year. Spring and autumn are brief but pleasant, with spring being especially popular as cherry blossom season, a prime time for visiting. Understanding these seasonal patterns and regional weather variations is crucial for planning your visit.

Seasons and Top Places to Visit in Japan

SeasonTemperature RangeDescriptionTop Places to Visit
Spring2°-24°CSpring is a delightful season with mild weather and the blooming of cherry blossoms and other flowers. The season attracts many visitors, especially during the Golden Week holiday.Hirosaki Park, Aomori; Ashikaga Flower Park, Tochigi; Fuji Five Lakes, Yamanashi
Summer16°-30°CSummer begins with a rainy June followed by hot and humid conditions. It's perfect for beach, lake activities, and mountain retreats, alongside vibrant festivals and fireworks.Hokkaido; Kyoto City; Okinawa Islands
Fall7°-27°CFall has cool weather and stunning foliage. It's an excellent time for outdoor activities and enjoying the scenic beauty of the changing leaves.Nikko, Tochigi; Naruko Gorge, Miyagi; Chichibu, Saitama
Winter-6°-20°CWinter covers landscapes in snow, especially in the north, making it ideal for winter sports. Hot springs are popular for relaxation amidst the cold.Hakuba, Nagano; Niseko, Hokkaido; Zao, Miyagi

Regional Weather & What to Wear in Japan

Japan's diverse geography leads to a wide range of regional climates, influencing what travelers should pack and wear. From the cold, snowy winters of Hokkaido to the mild, subtropical winters of Okinawa, and the humid summers across the central islands, each region of Japan presents unique weather conditions. Understanding these variations is crucial for preparing adequately, ensuring comfort, and making the most of your activities!
RegionSeasonal WeatherWhat to Wear in Japan
HokkaidoCool summers (12-28°C); Very cold winters (-25 to -4°C) with heavy snow.Summer: Light layers, long-sleeved shirts, and a light jacket for evenings. Winter: Heavy winter coat, thermal layers, waterproof boots, and a warm hat.
North HonshuWarmer summers (15-28°C); Cold winters with heavy snow (-10 to 20°C).Summer: Breathable fabrics, sun protection.Winter: Insulated jackets, scarves, gloves, and thermal wear.
Central HonshuWarm springs/autumns; Hot, humid summers (18-35°C); Cold, snowy winters (-20 to 10°C).Spring/Autumn: Medium layers, light sweaters. Summer: Lightweight clothing, hats, sunscreen. Winter: Heavy coats, insulated boots, and warm accessories.
West HonshuSimilar to Central Honshu with slightly milder winters (-10 to 12°C).Spring/Autumn: Comfortable layers, waterproof jackets. Summer: Light clothing, UV protection. Winter: Warm coats, gloves, and thermal layers.
KyushuHot, humid summers (20-30°C); Cooler winters (5 to 12°C).Summer: Light fabrics, sun hats. Winter: Jackets, layered clothing, and warm footwear for colder nights.
OkinawaMild winters (17-25°C); Very hot, humid summers (25-35°C).Winter: Light jackets or sweaters for cooler evenings. Summer: Ultra-lightweight clothing, wide-brimmed hats, and plenty of sunscreen.

Tipping in Japan

Tipping in Japan
In Japan, tipping is generally not practiced and can sometimes be considered inappropriate or even rude. The service culture in Japan is such that employees are compensated fairly through their wages, and excellent service is provided without the expectation of a tip. This contrasts sharply with the U.S., where tipping is often expected as part of the service workers' compensation. In Japan, instead of leaving a tip, expressing gratitude through a sincere "arigato gozaimasu" (thank you very much) is more customary and appreciated.

While tipping is generally uncommon in Japan, there are specific instances where it can be appropriate, particularly in settings that cater predominantly to international tourists or offer highly personalized services. Below is a table outlining when and where tipping might be suitable:

ServiceTipping PracticeTypical AmountNotes
Restaurants and BarsGenerally not expected. Otoshi (cover charge) may apply.Not applicableIf an otoshi is charged, it is instead of a tip and usually includes a small appetizer.
Taxi DriversNot expected.Not applicableExcellent service is standard, including white gloves and automatic doors. Exact change is often given.
Tour GuidesAppreciated, especially by those serving international tourists.CustomaryPlace the tip in an envelope, hand it over with both hands, and bow slightly as a sign of respect.
Geishas and RyokansAppreciated in these culturally immersive experiences.$20 (3,000 yen) per person for Geishas;
$7 (1,000 yen) per person for Ryokan attendants
Given in an envelope, handed over with both hands, often accompanied by a bow.

Japan Travel Advice

When traveling to Japan, it’s essential to be aware of both general safety advice and specific travel tips to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience. Japan is known for its low crime rate and high standards of safety; however, it's prone to natural disasters like earthquakes and tsunamis, making it important to stay informed through local alerts and the Japan Meteorological Agency. Always carry your passport or residency card as local laws require it, and be mindful of Japan’s strict drug laws.
  • Natural Disasters: Always follow local advice for earthquakes and tsunamis. Download NHK’s app for live updates.
  • Crime: While Japan is relatively safe, remain vigilant for petty theft, especially in tourist areas, and avoid unnecessary risks in nightlife settings.
  • Health: Verify the legality of your medications before travel. Be prepared to pay upfront for medical services.
  • Local Laws: Familiarize yourself with local customs and legal requirements, such as carrying identification and the implications of drug use.
  • Driving: If you plan to drive, respect local laws regarding alcohol consumption. Be cautious when driving in winter due to snow and ice.

Japan Traditions and Taboos

Japanese culture is rich with traditions and social etiquette that can significantly differ from Western practices. Understanding these can enhance your interaction with locals and enrich your travel experience. Here’s a summary of key traditions and taboos to help you navigate social situations:
  • Etiquette: Proper manners are highly valued in Japan. Always be polite, especially in public transport and while dining.
  • Tipping: Tipping is not customary and can be seen as offensive. Instead, express gratitude verbally or through polite gestures.
  • Footwear: Be prepared to remove your shoes when entering homes, certain restaurants, temples, and ryokans (traditional inns).
  • Onsen Etiquette: When visiting hot springs, wash thoroughly before entering the water and keep all towels out of the water.
  • Temple Stays: If staying at a temple, participate respectfully in rituals and adhere to the guidelines provided.
  • Festivals: Engage respectfully with local festivals, known as matsuri, which are integral to Japanese culture and offer a glimpse into local traditions.
  • Clothing: Dress appropriately, especially when visiting religious sites, and cover tattoos if possible, as they can be associated with negative connotations.

Japan Safety Tips

When traveling to Japan, access to reliable information is crucial, especially during emergencies such as natural disasters. Japan has a robust system of resources to keep travelers informed and safe. Below is a table outlining key resources for emergency information, medical assistance, and urgent services in Japan, making you travel safely and stay informed throughout your stay.
Resource TypeDescriptionDetailsAccess Information
WebsitesJNTO Global WebsiteOffers crucial disaster-related information for travelers in Japan.Visit JNTO
NHK World Japan24-hour multilingual news channel providing updates during emergencies.Visit NHK World Japan
JNTO Medical AssistanceDetails on medical facilities with multilingual services and a symptom translation sheet.Medical Assistance
AppsSafety TipsAn app providing disaster-related information in multiple languages.Android Download, iPhone Download
Call CentersJapan Visitor HotlineJNTO’s 24-hour hotline for inquiries in English, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese.Tel: 050-3816-2787
Police Emergency ServiceEmergency police assistance.Dial 110
Fire and Emergency ServicesEmergency services for fire and medical assistance.Dial 119

Top 20 Attractions for Japan Vacation

Top 20 Attractions for Japan Vacation
KantoTokyoTokyo Disneyland/ Tokyo DisneySeaIconic theme parks, family entertainment
Tokyo SkytreeTallest structure in Japan, panoramic views
Shinjuku Gyoen National GardenSerene park, cherry blossoms
YokohamaMinato Mirai 21Modern waterfront, shopping & views
NikkoToshogu ShrineUNESCO site, ornate architecture
KansaiOsakaUniversal Studios JapanMovie-themed attractions, thrill rides
NambaVibrant shopping and entertainment district
KyotoFushimi Inari TaishaThousands of torii gates, iconic shrine
Kinkaku-ji (Golden Pavilion)Gold leaf-coated Zen temple
NaraNara ParkHundreds of wild sika deer.
HokkaidoSapporoShiroi Koibito ParkWhite chocolate as a famous souvenir
Odori ParkCentral park, festival venue
ChubuFujiMount FujiJapan’s highest peak, iconic volcano
KanazawaKenrokuen GardenOne of Japan's "three great gardens"
NagoyaNagoya CastleGolden dolphins, historical castle
ChugokuHiroshimaHiroshima Peace Memorial ParkPeace memorials, historical site
ShikokuMatsuyamaDōgo OnsenAncient hot spring, traditional bathhouse
KyushuFukuokaFukuoka Castle RuinsHistorical ruins, city views
NagasakiAtomic Bomb MuseumWWII history, educational exhibits
OkinawaNahaShuri CastleRyukyu Kingdom royal palace, cultural site

Top Attractions in Kanto

Top 20 Attractions for Japan Vacation


    • 🏰 Tokyo Disneyland/ Tokyo DisneySea
      Dive into the magical world of Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea where family fun and iconic attractions await every visitor. Experience your favorite Disney stories and enjoy thrilling rides.
    • 🗼 Tokyo Skytree
      Stand in awe at the Tokyo Skytree, the tallest structure in Japan, offering breathtaking panoramic views across Tokyo. A must-visit for a sky-high adventure!
    • 🌸 Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden
      Escape to the tranquility of Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden, a serene oasis in the heart of bustling Tokyo, famous for its beautiful cherry blossoms in spring.
Top 20 Attractions for Japan Vacation


    • 🌊 Minato Mirai 21
      Explore Minato Mirai 21, a modern waterfront area perfect for shopping, dining, and enjoying stunning views of the port city of Yokohama.
Top 20 Attractions for Japan Vacation


    • 🏯 Toshogu Shrine
      Visit Toshogu Shrine, a breathtaking UNESCO World Heritage site known for its rich history and ornate architecture.
Top 20 Attractions for Japan Vacation

Top Attractions in Kansai Region


    • 🎬 Universal Studios Japan
      Thrill-seekers and movie buffs will love Universal Studios Japan, featuring movie-themed rides and attractions that bring blockbuster films to life.
    • 🛍️ Namba
      Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of Namba, a bustling district known for its dynamic shopping and entertainment options.
Top 20 Attractions for Japan Vacation


    • ⛩️ Fushimi Inari Taisha
      Walk through thousands of vermilion torii gates at Fushimi Inari Taisha, one of Kyoto’s most iconic and picturesque shrines.
    • 🌟 Kinkaku-ji (Golden Pavilion)
      Marvel at Kinkaku-ji, a stunning Zen temple covered in gold leaf, shimmering across its reflecting pond—a spectacular sight in all seasons.
Top 20 Attractions for Japan Vacation


    • 🦌 Nara Park
      Stroll through Nara Park, home to hundreds of freely roaming sika deer, offering a unique and natural experience amidst historic temples.
Top 20 Attractions for Japan Vacation

Top Attractions in Hokkaido Region


    • 🍫 Shiroi Koibito Park
      Discover the sweet allure of Shiroi Koibito Park, where the famous white chocolate has been crafted into a deliciously memorable souvenir.
    • 🌳 Odori Park
      Visit Odori Park, the vibrant heart of Sapporo that hosts numerous festivals and offers a lush, green respite from the urban hustle.
Top 20 Attractions for Japan Vacation

Top Attractions in Chubu Region


    • 🗻 Mount Fuji
      Behold the majestic Mount Fuji, Japan's highest peak and an iconic symbol of natural beauty and endurance.
Top 20 Attractions for Japan Vacation


    • 🌿 Kenrokuen Garden
      Explore Kenrokuen, one of Japan's "three great gardens," renowned for its perfect balance and seasonal beauty.
Top 20 Attractions for Japan Vacation


    • 🏰 Nagoya Castle
      Admire the historical grandeur of Nagoya Castle, famous for its golden dolphins and storied past.
Top 20 Attractions for Japan Vacation

Top Attractions in Chugoku Region


    • 🕊️ Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park
      Reflect at the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park, a poignant site dedicated to the memories of those affected by the atomic bomb in WWII.
Top 20 Attractions for Japan Vacation

Top Attractions in Shikoku Region


    • 🛁 Dōgo Onsen
      Relax at Dōgo Onsen, one of Japan's oldest hot springs, known for its healing waters and traditional bathhouse culture.
Top 20 Attractions for Japan Vacation

Top Attractions in Kyushu Region


    • 🏯 Fukuoka Castle Ruins
      Explore the ruins of Fukuoka Castle, offering panoramic views of the city and a glimpse into Japan's samurai past.
Top 20 Attractions for Japan Vacation


    • 💣 Atomic Bomb Museum
      Gain a deeper understanding of WWII through the educational exhibits at the Atomic Bomb Museum in Nagasaki.
Top 20 Attractions for Japan Vacation

Top Attractions in Okinawa Region


    • 🏰 Shuri Castle
      Experience the regal splendor of Shuri Castle, a former royal palace of the Ryukyu Kingdom, rich in cultural heritage and architectural beauty.
Top 20 Attractions for Japan Vacation
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